Drama Review: Nice Guy, final score 85%


Drama Title: 착한남자

English Title: Nice Guy/The Innocent Man

Episodes: 20

Channel: KBS2

Genre: melodrama, romance

Cast: Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, Park Si Yeon

Description: Ma Ru would have done anything for Jae Hee, the love of his life. But she uses his love to let him take the blame for a murder she committed, then marries an older, rich man to escape her life of poverty. Devastated by her betrayal, Ma Ru is a changed man. Once a promising medical student, he now works as a bartender and gigolo, using women to get what he wants. When he meets the daughter of Jae Hee’s new husband, Eun Gi, he realizes he can use her to bring down the first love who betrayed him. (source: viki.net)

Tropes: wronged hero, chaebol heirs and company takeovers, amnesia, noble idiocy

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