Itazura na Kiss 8-9, playing catch-up for the gloriousness that is episode 10!

Hi friends. Sorry for being MIA but if you are following me on twitter you know that I’ve been having a bit of a crazy time and have taken an impromptu trip to San Francisco.

But I’m back and want to do a quick roundup of the things I loved about episodes 8 and 9 before I jump into 10. I don’t know what to do about Last Cinderella though, since my drive to watch it has been diminishing day by day. But I might pick up Heartless City and start writing about it.

Things that were about awesome about these episodes:

1) Kotoko. Kotoko. *tries to put on Naoki’s nonchalant voice* Kotoko. How amazing is she?

Kotoko being adorable with her OTT expressions like always.[2013.06.07_22.12.27][2013.06.07_22.14.31]

Kotoko adorably choosing an outfit for a date she is crashing.


Kotoko in the process of crashing said date.[2013.06.07_22.16.17]

Kotoko going through hell on said date, as she watches the man she loves, tenderly putting on a necklace on some other woman. Naoki, when did you get so good at acting?[2013.06.07_22.16.24]

Being unable to watch it any longer and wanting to leave and yet, and yet, despite all that, blessing them to be together (I bet you can’t do THAT with your crush)[2013.06.07_22.16.38]

Being adorably grateful when the jerk that Naoki is in this episode grabs her and runs away with her.[2013.06.07_22.17.08]

Being adorable as she waits for the jerk when he abandons her for no damn good reason.[2013.06.07_22.17.17]

Kotoko eating happily. Don’t tell me you’ve had enough of that.[2013.06.07_22.17.21]

Kotoko looking as pretty as ever, even when she cries.[2013.06.07_22.18.00]

Kotoko in most conspicuous spy-gear ever.


Kotoko stalking. Where does she shop? I NEED HER CLOTHES.[2013.06.07_22.19.01][2013.06.07_22.19.09]

Kotoko turning into an adorable zombie upon realizing the love of her life is living with someone else. Really, this in itself, as opposed to slitting wrists, is awesome.[2013.06.07_22.19.18]

As Mookie dubbed it, ganbatte zombie dance. The most hilarious and saddest thing in the world.


But then after going through all that, being OK eventually and even cheerful (not without the help of Kin-chan of course but you have to a certain breed of selfless to say “ok, people care about me, I shouldn’t be like this”)[2013.06.07_22.20.58]

And Kotoko just being happy and pretty.


Completely unrelated, except in its gorgeousness, picture of Honoka Miki.


2) Naoki being awesome (NOT ALWAYS but I will get to that).

Like when he is completely resigned to being treated as Kotoko’s only love forever.[2013.06.07_22.14.27]

Or when he gets instantly jealous at even the slightest mention of Kotoko liking someone else. He is awfully insecure for a genius, isn’t he?[2013.06.07_22.14.52]

And childish too. “Yeah, I will go with you to the movies pretty aunt, oh no, not because I care about you in the slightest, but what else can I do to spite my crush?”[2013.06.07_22.15.19]

Or when the sight of Kotoko ignoring him all but tramples him to the ground.[2013.06.07_22.20.20]

And he immediately goes out of this way to find out what’s wrong by showing up at the tennis court and then enlisting his brother’s intelligence of the situation at home.[2013.06.07_22.20.25]

When he is so worried about Kotoko he just stands around waiting for her.[2013.06.07_22.21.30]

When he perfects art of nonchalant sauntering which is made all the more hilarious by the fact that everything else about him screams I CARE. I CARE SO MUCH, I CAN’T STAND THINKING THAT YOU ARE THINKING I’M LIVING WITH SOMEONE ELSE. How could you even.[2013.06.07_22.21.41][2013.06.07_22.21.54][2013.06.07_22.21.59]


When he spills *half* of his heart to Kotoko and she is so happy she is crying and instead of, gosh I don’t know, snogging her senselessly (well, I know, manga material dictates we must endure) he fiddles with his hands and produces a handkerchief?? WHERE IS MY HUG. After you toyed with two women on a pretend date, abandoned one and then the second, you bring a hamburger and think everything will be OK?[2013.06.07_22.17.38][2013.06.07_22.17.47]

Well, alright, alright. There is still episode 10 and all shall be forgiven yet.

Other people who are awesome in these episodes:

3) Kin-chan – I CAN NEVER FORGET ABOUT Kin-chan.[2013.06.07_22.16.04]

How strong do you have to be, to be as supportive as Kin-chan? Many a man would turn bitter at the agony of unrequited love but not Kin-chan. Kin-chan just stays at Kotoko’s side, not pushing, not demanding. Just waiting and loving.




4) Last but not least, Kotoko’s fierce friends who finally had enough of Naoki and get in his face. People should do that to him more.

To be continued with episode 10 spazzing. I don’t think there could have been a more perfect episode.


4 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss 8-9, playing catch-up for the gloriousness that is episode 10!

  1. OMG this entry is epic! TOTALLY agree about the no-snogging outcome, grrrrr oh Naoki. Can’t wait for your episode 10 spazzing – that episode’s just pure gold!

  2. I always think that I have found my favorite episode but then…another episode always outdoes the previous ones! EPISODE 10 WAS SO AMAZING I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR POST ABOUT IT~~~



  4. Can’t wait for your ep 10 post and like mookie said I HAVE JUST FINISHED 10 for 10 timesssssss (especially for dream kiss and real kiss scene hehehehe) >>>.<<<

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