Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo episode 12

The OTP is not seeing much action but at least one person has kept me awake in this episode – Kin-chan!

If Kotoko reminds us “NO PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE BETWEEN ME AND IRIE-KUN” at the beginning of an episode one more time, I shall have to strangle someone.

Ah, the eternal cherry blossoms and Kotoko. They do go well together.[2013.06.24_19.34.02]

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Itazura na Kiss~ Love in Tokyo episode 11

This was the “Christmas in June: How Everyone Almost Gets a Heat Stroke Wearing Coats in Smoldering Heat” episode. Well ok, that title is too long so they went with “My Lover is a Santa Claus”, which is not any less disturbing but perhaps slightly more relevant.[2013.06.17_14.14.47]

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Catching up with Last Cinderella, episodes 5-6

These episodes were awesome. Seriously. The drama was on a confused and downward slope in episode 4, and I was so ready to write it off but episodes 5-6 has given me everything I ever wanted from an unambitious but highly enjoyable romantic piece: our playboy acquired some personality and instantly got even more attractive, our heroine got her act together (partially) and became more relatable (that or her consistent good-naturedness and hilarity just grew on me), there is some actual development with side character’s story lines AND we had a glorious shower scene.

[warning!:gratuitous capping of Hiroto ahead. Oh, and Japanese cleavage]


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Itazura na Kiss ~Love in Tokyo, episode 7

Naoki and Kotoko are made for each other. I haven’t felt it this acutely until this episode (and not even throughout all of ISWAK). Naoki might possess the perfect aptitude for everything he sets out to do but his lack of passion makes all of it meaningless. And I think that Kotoko’s dedication and luminosity not only makes Naoki’s life drastically more entertaining but also pushes him to reevaluate the meaning of success and happiness. This, in turn, will also help him find his way in life and make it amount to something greater than the perfect and perfectly hollow existence he’s led before Kotoko. I would even argue that Naoki needs Kotoko so much more his life than she needs him, despite her furious crush on him.[2013.05.19_14.28.23]

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Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo episode 6

I’m happy to report that no romantic tension has been lost as a result of the events that transpired last week. On the contrary, things are only heating up: Kotoko’s fantasies intensify as she dreams of another kiss, Naoki strolls around with wet hair, and who knew that tennis can be so dangerous. And stimulating. You will see what I mean.

Most notable of all, though, is that our darlings are now in college and that means Naoki has gotten himself well-fitted clothes. Hallelujah.[2013.05.13_11.38.43]

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Last Cinderella, episode 4

No Itazura na Kiss this week, which makes me infinitely sad but there is still Last Cinderella….I guess?  I’m growing more frustrated with our heroine, not for her obvious flaws but the overwhelming inconsistencies in her characterization…It just feels like the writers are attempting to do so many things with her, noble things perhaps, like break stereotypes, bring certain issues to light, have people relate to her—but none of these attempts are very successful, imo. Sakura feels less like a character to whom one can relate and more like a hodgepodge of necessary character traits. But I’m still hoping that the drama will iron out the wrinkles in her characterization; I already see light in Hiroto and Choko, whose backstories actually interest me now.

Last Cinderella ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_36.46_[2013.05.05_11.29.48]
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Last Cinderella, episode 3

Well, this is a tad late, seeing as how episode 4 comes out tomorrow. But late is not too late, is it?

“This pain isn’t it an illness, is it? It’s love, isn’t it?”

An episode in which Sakura’s heart gets crushed a bit, we find out Hiroto’s taste in girlfriends is highly questionable, and Choco-chan is revealed to be a creepy stalker of Mr. Creepy Mustache. Frustrating episode, by all accounts.


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Last Cinderella, episode 1-2

Holy cow, am I seriously watching two Japanese dramas at the same time, after not having watched any for 3 years? Not since Love Shuffle, I believe.

Speaking of which, Last Cinderella feels like a mix of Love Shuffle, Hotaru no Hikari and Sex in the City. So basically a distinctly Japanese romcom with some sex thrown in there for good measure. Everyone rejoice and indulge in the glorious sight of Miura Haruma’s buttocks.

Last Cinderella 1 720p HDTV x264 AAC-NGB.mkv_snapshot_00.52_[2013.04.22_21.35.40]

Wait, not yet.

That’s Sakura’s butt. She is our heroine and she is awesome.

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