That Winter The Wind Blows, episode 12-13

I always start out my weekly binge of That Winter, The Wind Blows with precise sort of curiosity, bordering on something like disinterest. By the end of the second episode I feel exhausted and shattered. I almost regret not marathoning this drama because it is very likely that the distance I gain every week that must then take almost two episodes to close is affecting my perception of this drama considerably.

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That Winter The Wind Blows episode 10-11

I’m growing quite accustomed to the exquisite misery that comprises That Winter The Wind Blows. So much so that I can’t imagine what I will do with myself once it’s over.

In its usual pattern, the Wednesday episode feels more meandering and cumbersome than the succeeding episode but there are some stirring revelations on the horizon that keep this drama from falling short of anything other than absorbing.

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That Winter The Wind Blows, episode 8-9

What struck me the most about these 2 episodes is how manipulative and ruthless Young can be when she wants to. But it’s not like I blame her. I HOPE she keeps it up because her strength and resolve is probably the most attractive thing about her. Much like Oh Soo, I’m both in love with her and terrified of her. Oh Soo, let’s hold hands, this is going to get rough.

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That Winter The Wind Blows, episode 6-7

This is becoming more miserable by the week. At this rate, by episode 10, we will have the whole cast of characters crying non-stop.

Oh Soo is a monster no matter how you spin it. But he is a wounded monster, with the capacity to care and love and to gain redemption through his suffering. Only problem is, my heart might break before he gets his fill of suffering.

That is not to say Youngie’s suffering doesn’t break my heart. It’s just that, well, she is The Innocent. Fate will sort it out with her and I’m pretty sure she will be OK. Oh Soo, on the other hand –  he just keeps digging his grave deeper while simultaneously falling deeper in love.

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That Winter, The Wind Blows, episode 4-5

No one asked me, but I’m still going to answer people’s complaints about TWTWB


Can I have more please? Can she never find out that he is not her brother? At this rate, with her suicidal tendencies, that might just be the case… Can they make out soon? No, but seriously. I love it. Putting aside the social implications of incest (which are not even applicable in this case) it’s just hot seeing two people struggle with a growing attraction for each other. The more off-limits the better. That’s like a cardinal rule of romance, look-it-up.


Similar to the first point, but here people are amazed that Oh Soo is flirting with Youngie even though it doesn’t make sense since he trying to convince her that he is her brother. I think it’s pretty clear what he is doing from his interaction with Jin Sung, when Jin Sung was like “hey, turn it down a bit” and Oh Soo was all like “NO, I will step on her like all other women, and by that I mean seduce her senseless.”  But the more important feeling I’m getting from Oh Soo’s attitude toward Youngie is that yes, he is tricking her, but about one thing only – that he is her brother. Everything else is real – his care for her, his anger and his pain, the way she affects him and yes, even the sexual attraction. That is why I love this couple, that is why I feel so much for them. They are the real deal. It’s just, you know, there is that “I’m swindling you” bit but they will get over that eventually. Or someone dies first. In either case, just enjoy the sexual tension.


When the leads are this good looking, I really couldn’t care less. Jo In Sung, you can FaceTime me any time you want!


Same thing as complaint #3. I can’t help being shallow when it comes to dramas that have stories I care about. When I love a drama so completely, I can completely overlook all the flaws.

Also, this OTP has the most perfect name – the Oxygen Couple. Both share last name Oh, so O2 – Oxygen. COME ON, admit it, it’s awesome.

4-5 were so good. I don’t remember the last time I had a breakdown because I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE RIGHT NOW OR I’M GONNA DIE SOMEONE HELP GUHH

I’m still not very coherent, so I will be mostly expressing myself through max 2 word phrases and exclamation marks. My favorite one will probably be SEXUALTENSION!!asdfjk;’ (although I’m almost tempted to use the Russian translation for it, which is somehow even hotter – сексуальное напряжение)


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That Winter, The Wind Blows episode 1-3

This drama is boss. I don’t even know where to begin.

I could try by comparing it to Nice Guy. Beautiful cinematography, a cast of ethereally good-looking actors, and even the same over-wrought music at every turn. But I’m loving That Winter, The Wind Blows about 55 times more simply because it’s also hitting all my kinks – faux-incest, disability, conning and betrayal (I only wish Nice Guy did something with betrayal, but it was too good for its own sake). Ironically, TWTB feels more innocent than Nice Guy. At least the characters are more clearly defined and sympathetic (although not any less compelling). Yes, mind games abound in this one too, but the characters themselves don’t get lost in the pits of ambiguity and incomprehension. Unlike Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki, who carried most of the drama through their acting, Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung are buoyed by the deft and commanding writing. Color me impressed with Noh Hee Kuyng and what she is doing with such an impressively contrived plot. But it works, right? It’s not just my desire to see them skirt that line between family/love, trust/betrayal, all the while calling each other “donsaeng” and “oppa”? It’s not just me reveling in Jo In Sung’s chilling delivery of lines accompanied by playful smirks and hollow chuckles? He is so good. And also freakishly tall.

Song Hye Kyo is doing great too, and I actually feel something for the heroine. I don’t remember the last time that happened but it actually hurts watching her suffer and break down, and then collect the pieces of herself back again and keep going. It’s like that Placebo song:

Hold your breath and count to ten,
And fall apart and start again,
Hold your breath and count to ten,
Start again, start again…
Hold your breath and count your step,
And fall apart and start again,
Start again…

Also, I’m just satisfied with having side characters who I don’t want to strangle or whose scenes I’m willing to watch without fast-forwarding. In grand scheme of Boys Over Flower things, Kim Bum always seemed to me as significant as a spec of dust on Lee Min Ho’s coat but I’m happy his good looks are working out for him. I really should watch Padam Padam, because his macho-delinquent mannerisms are doing weird things to me here and I need more.

Yup, the ultimate bromance shot from ep 1 is when I realized I will love this drama.


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