So, this is actually about Asian dramas.

I watch them, sometimes I write about them and on even rarer occasions I rate them (one day, I will write a review for every single drama I’ve watched, yeah).

My Top 10 Favorite Asian Dramas (rather in flux):

1) Nobuta Wo Produce (Jdrama)

2) Coffee Prince (Kdrama)

3) Utahime (Jdrama)

4) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Kdrama)

5) Queen In-Huyn’s Man (Kdrama)

6) That Winter, The Wind Blows (Kdrama)

7) The Princess’ Man (Kdrama)

8) Love Shuffle (Jdrama)

9)  It Started With a Kiss (Twdrama)

10)  Black & White (Twdrama)

Honorable mention to Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Answer Me 1997

My Top 10 Drama Songs:

1) Que Sera Sera OST:  Wol Gwang by W & Whale

2) Utahime OST: SEISYuN by TOKIO

3) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST: Fox Rain by Lee Sun Hee

4) Coffee Prince OST: Across the Ocean by Azure Ray

5) Soulmate OST:  C’mon Through by Lasse Lindh

6) Fall In Love OST: Accidentally Fell In Love by Zhang Han & Jiang Ying Rong

7) Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST:  Wake Up by Sung Joon

8) Nobuta Wo Produce OST: Seishun Amigo by Yamapi & Kamenashi Kazuya

9) Black & White OST: Rogue Justice by Mark Chao & Color

10) It Started With a Kiss OST: Say That You Love Me by Jason & Lara


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I really liked your list. I have seen almost all of those dramas and they are great choices. Try Who Are You from a few years ago. You can find it on dramafever. It is very sweet and romantic.

  2. I’m currently watching It Started with a Kiss and I can see how Playful Kiss was made almost entirely 99% from ISWAK and we know the differences are in actors and country. That’s all…I love how simple your blog is. Very cute and lovely!

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