Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo episode 12

The OTP is not seeing much action but at least one person has kept me awake in this episode – Kin-chan!

If Kotoko reminds us “NO PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE BETWEEN ME AND IRIE-KUN” at the beginning of an episode one more time, I shall have to strangle someone.

Ah, the eternal cherry blossoms and Kotoko. They do go well together.[2013.06.24_19.34.02][2013.06.24_19.34.31]

It’s the beginning of new college year for everyone and Yuko’s sister enters University and joins the tennis club with an enthusiastic intro of – “My goal is to win Naoki’s heart!” There is so much competition for Naoki nowadays, I don’t even care.[2013.06.24_19.34.42]

But Kotoko does, for some unfathomable reason.[2013.06.24_19.34.46]

Satomi and Jinko discuss internships and jobs and combined with them getting boyfriends, they are on a sure path to perfectly ordinary grown up lives. Congrats! Am I not suppose to sleep through this part?[2013.06.24_19.34.52][2013.06.24_19.35.00]

Kotoko tries to conjure up a dream of her own career and comes up with this…[2013.06.24_19.35.16][2013.06.24_19.35.26]

Irie Papa receives some troubling news about his health and goes to speak to Aihara Papa about company and Naoki and whether he is selfish for wanting him to take over. Um, yeah?[2013.06.24_19.35.45]

Kin-chan is feeling extremely down after what he observed between Kotoko & Naoki on Christmas. Oh, Kin-chan, it’s like that Florence & The Machine song: “No light, no light in your bright blue eyes”…[2013.06.24_19.35.59][2013.06.24_19.36.15]

Cap here for Jinko’s crazy ass pants.[2013.06.24_19.36.28]

Kin-chan slayed me in this scene. He is incredibly hurt himself but continues to reaches out to Kotoko, in his gentle, caring ways.[2013.06.24_19.36.35][2013.06.24_19.36.43]

Kin-chan lets Kotoko try one of his culinary creations but her face falters as soon as she tries it. Not because it tastes bad but because it gets her thinking about the fact that everyone is working hard towards their careers except her.[2013.06.24_19.36.51]

Kin-chan has the most perfect thing to say to that: “Everyone has their own pace. You just have to find something on your own pace, you see?”

Yup, I just hope that pace won’t take 20 years and still lead her back to Naoki.[2013.06.24_19.37.01]

But Kotoko can’t separate her career dreams from Naoki and we get a fun dress-up sequence.[2013.06.24_19.37.30][2013.06.24_19.37.25][2013.06.24_19.37.47][2013.06.24_19.37.52][2013.06.24_19.37.56]

Kin-chan decides to contribute to the fantasy – “Then what if you are the boss of a restaurant and your lover is a chef?” But Kotoko immediately cuts him off with “stop joking!”[2013.06.24_19.38.03]

Aww, his face.[2013.06.24_19.38.13]

Kotoko finds Naoki at the library and wonders what all those books are for. Alas, not for dating tips or sex techniques.[2013.06.24_19.38.21]

There is a family gathering to celebrate the beginning of second year in college and everyone is excited that the wayward son has showed up for that.[2013.06.24_19.38.31]

Naoki not looking too happy with mom’s continuous efforts to force Kotoko on him.[2013.06.24_19.38.40][2013.06.24_19.38.47]

After dinner papa and mama have a serious sit down with Naoki, gently coaxing him into accepting the company job and perhaps marrying Kotoko along the way. She loves him and will be a good, supporting wife, they explain. Bleh, not the right thing to say to a guy who is trying his damndest to rebel.[2013.06.24_19.39.03][2013.06.24_19.39.15]

“It’s up to you!” they insist but Naoki disagrees. “You give me no choices, you already planned all my life for me.”[2013.06.24_19.39.23]

Kotoko, who was bringing tea, overhears their heated confrontation.[2013.06.24_19.39.36][2013.06.24_19.39.48]

Mama gets pretty angry at Naoki’s defiant attitude and slaps him. He runs off and Kotoko follows him.[2013.06.24_19.40.09]

Naoki pointedly asks Kotoko if she remembers what she told him about getting in to college to find out what you want to do and asks if she has figured it out yet.

Embarrassed, Kotoko replies that no, she hasn’t.[2013.06.24_19.40.21]

Kotoko tells Naoki that she understands if he doesn’t love her and she just wishes he could find someone to love and be happy. Instead of addressing that, Naoki fires off, “I want to be a doctor!”[2013.06.24_19.40.37]

“When did you decide that?”
“Err, just now? Don’t tell anyone!”[2013.06.24_19.41.06]

Kotoko wonders why he would disclose something so important with her.

Not because you were the one who inspired him to pursue that path, or because you are the only closest person to him, no! That would only be too logical of a conclusion.[2013.06.24_19.41.12]

While they are on a nice stroll Papa collapses, presumably from a heart condition. And the angst begins in earnest![2013.06.24_19.41.26]

What are these feeble attempts at making Kotoko seem more progressive and have her try to figure out what she wants to do in life? Unless this production will deviate drastically from the source material and not make Kotoko follow Naoki into the medical field, all of it is for naught.

Overall, very underwhelming episode. I know there are some necessary motions that the story needs to go through before the denouement but there is a clear lack of passion and playfulness in our OTP that is starting to trouble me.

17 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo episode 12

  1. Kin is clearly the highlight of this episode. It is so sad when Kotoko instantly friendzones him when he brings up the topic of her running a restaurant. I think Kotoko knows that he was referring to her dad’s restaurant (and Kin as the chef). But apparently she didn’t catch on that her dream-talking about Naoki made Kin feel bad. On the other hand, I thought it was hilarious when Kotoko daydreams of putting a love note in Naoki’s microscope slide, AHAHA.

    • YES, his crestfallen face when she was talking about her fantasies, how did she not catch on to that? I don’t know if I am looking forward to their date anymore. Kin-chan’s unrequited love is just too much to handle 😦

  2. my 1st time to comment!!! first i just wanna say i love reading your recaps~ so fun to read!!! ^^
    we are now on ep12 and there are only 16 eps, do you think they wont show much of their married life because honoka miki is still a minor? i hope there will be season2!!!! this is the BEST adaptation! i love iSWAK but this is sooooo much better!

    • Heee, welcome!

      I have a feeling they will drag out the angst until ep 15 so that we probably won’t get anything else or any bits from their married life, aside from the wedding itself. But there is hope for a second season?

      • HUH I was afraid of that!!!! Why do they have to dragggggggggggggggggg out the angst? Why did they have to cut so much out of this story? I really like the reality of the story and really Naoki is pretty up front with Kotoko in alot of ways and I REALLY REALLY ADORE that part of this character. The others would just always mess with the girl but at least Naoki is more real in a sense then the other characters which is refreshing to see!

  3. It was too much to expect that they might give Kotoko some agency beyond following Naoki I guess ): I agree that the lack of OTP playfulness is getting worrying – yes, it’s great Naoki tells his dream to Kotoko but they barely interact enough in other scenes for me to feel like their relationship is at the point where he’d be comfortable telling her. sighh

    They’re really making Kin-chan so awesome in this version ): I’m almost rooting for him instead of Naoki at this point ;_;

    • I think Naoki is feeling a lot more comfortable with Kotoko than he is letting on, to either us or her. And it all goes back to him being unable to express his feelings, except in his calm, calculative way. About the only time he acted impulsively was on that graduation night when he kissed Kotoko and when he was pretty much driven to madness with jealousy. I do love it when Kotoko breaks through his demeanor though and wish we saw more of that.

  4. hello~^^ love your recaps…
    omg~ naoki’s fiancee gonna appear soon!!
    aww..that’s mean another heartbreak for kotoko.. ><
    cant wait for ep 13..

  5. As much as I really like this version there is ALOT of things that I feel are missing and to top it all off we don’t have that many episodes to go before the end.

    I agree that there is just NO playfulness between Naoki and Kotoko. At least in Playful Kiss and It started with a Kiss there were really ALOT of funny, sweet, and intimate scenes persay. They’ve just cut out so much in this version that its like watching a dulled down version. I do like how Kotoko isn’t as ridiculous as the other two Female versions were but at the same time there needs to be a little bit of that in her. I really like this version of Kin-Chan, he’s just a force to be reconed with and he always points out how really stupid Naoki can be. I mean that scene at the hospital was mind blowing when he just chews the ever living out of Naoki and that is what that guy needs!!!! Still I do like this version its just too little too late to believe when Naoki and Kotoko finally become an item. I’m not to thrilled about that but I do hope for a second season but haven’t heard anything related to that topic yet 😦

    • Mmmm, well, I took ages to reply! XD Sorry, life has been insane lately. I haven’t seen Playful Kiss in full so I can’t vouch for the playfulness there but Kotoko and Naoki still have a ton of chemistry (on screen and off screen), I just wish they focused more on their scenes together rather than boring girlfriend parts or Naoki being all corporate. They don’t even have to do much – just having the two of them together next to each other is nice…..they just have this energy, you know?

      I think I can still believe them as a couple – Naoki just has to really step it up and bring his A game (especially to the rain kiss!).

  6. I personally am hoping that they will make it so that Kotoko has her own personal, individual reasons for becoming a nurse…like, she loves helping people and making the patients happy or something like that

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