Itazura na Kiss & Kotoko Inspired Fashion

I noticed a few people have commented on how cute and fashionable Miki Honoka looks in Itazura na Kiss and I wholeheartedly agree. I think Miki possess a tremendous amount of charm all on her own, but her outfits & hairstyle are impeccably adorable from episode to episode and contribute a lot to her charm as well. And like Heisui remarked, the outfits in Itazura na Kiss also look completely accessible! I might admire an outfit or two in drama on occasion but I never seriously embark to emulate the style because nothing that I can afford will compare to the brand names that the actresses are donning. But Kotoko’s clothes, despite being very cute, even meticulously so at times,  don’t look very expensive at all.

Kotoko’s pink dresses and cardigans are bit too much for my black&grey wardrobe but there are some elements of her style that I absolutely love. For example:

1) Button-down shirts tucked into skirts.

Very classic look and allows for a lot of variation in colors and form. I think I prefer the combination of pastel top + flowery skirt like that one Kotoko wore in episode 12 the most but I also like pastel skirt + blue or darker color too (and no, this picture is not here only because for pretty cherry blossoms):


Via We Inspire Us

2) Shoes + frilly socks.
This is not something I’ve yet to pull off myself but I always wanted to. This is a bit extreme in terms of color combination but definitely inspirational:


Via Modcloth Blog

3) Dressy button downs shirts.


This look is from YesStyle. They have a ton of cute clothes that are right up Kotoko’s alley but you have to be careful. As someone who has ordered from YesStyle on several occasions, I can tell you their quality varies a lot. The shoes has been mostly good and always last a season (standard fate of all my shoes) and sandals have always been extremely comfortable (seriously, cannot find an alternative to shoes anywhere). Some random items like shirts and sweaters have also been good but I’m not impressed with their dresses. One was of horrible quality and another one was a bit too short on me (I’m 5’4 not exceptionally tall, but apparently too tall for their one size dresses). I’ve been to their physical store in San Francisco too and even though it was tiny, the selection of dresses was of much better quality.

Via YesStyle Blog

4) Headbands. This one is from YesStyle as well. I love all of Kotoko’s hair accessories but especially the headbands. Mournfully wishing they looked just as good on me.


Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo episode 12

The OTP is not seeing much action but at least one person has kept me awake in this episode – Kin-chan!

If Kotoko reminds us “NO PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE BETWEEN ME AND IRIE-KUN” at the beginning of an episode one more time, I shall have to strangle someone.

Ah, the eternal cherry blossoms and Kotoko. They do go well together.[2013.06.24_19.34.02]

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Itazura na Kiss 8-9, playing catch-up for the gloriousness that is episode 10!

Hi friends. Sorry for being MIA but if you are following me on twitter you know that I’ve been having a bit of a crazy time and have taken an impromptu trip to San Francisco.

But I’m back and want to do a quick roundup of the things I loved about episodes 8 and 9 before I jump into 10. I don’t know what to do about Last Cinderella though, since my drive to watch it has been diminishing day by day. But I might pick up Heartless City and start writing about it.

Things that were about awesome about these episodes:

1) Kotoko. Kotoko. *tries to put on Naoki’s nonchalant voice* Kotoko. How amazing is she?

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Catching up with Last Cinderella, episodes 5-6

These episodes were awesome. Seriously. The drama was on a confused and downward slope in episode 4, and I was so ready to write it off but episodes 5-6 has given me everything I ever wanted from an unambitious but highly enjoyable romantic piece: our playboy acquired some personality and instantly got even more attractive, our heroine got her act together (partially) and became more relatable (that or her consistent good-naturedness and hilarity just grew on me), there is some actual development with side character’s story lines AND we had a glorious shower scene.

[warning!:gratuitous capping of Hiroto ahead. Oh, and Japanese cleavage]


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LIEBSTER AWARD: Getting to know me and other awesome bloggers

Thank you Analogousblues for nominating me. The badge is shiny!

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Itazura na Kiss ~Love in Tokyo, episode 7

Naoki and Kotoko are made for each other. I haven’t felt it this acutely until this episode (and not even throughout all of ISWAK). Naoki might possess the perfect aptitude for everything he sets out to do but his lack of passion makes all of it meaningless. And I think that Kotoko’s dedication and luminosity not only makes Naoki’s life drastically more entertaining but also pushes him to reevaluate the meaning of success and happiness. This, in turn, will also help him find his way in life and make it amount to something greater than the perfect and perfectly hollow existence he’s led before Kotoko. I would even argue that Naoki needs Kotoko so much more his life than she needs him, despite her furious crush on him.[2013.05.19_14.28.23]

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Yuki Furakawa and Miki Honoka Appreciation Post

I can’t believe there is still one more torturous day to go until a new episode of Itazura na Kiss. I know, there is still an episode of Last Cinderella that I haven’t gotten around to writing about (or doing the recap, is that what they are? well, mini-recaps, I guess) but I have been busy with some other things like gushing over Itazura na Kiss and performing in a Kpop cover dance concert (more on that later! Or just watch this video of us ladies doing Miss A’s I Don’t Need a Man and forget about it).

I implore Miki Honoka and Yuki Furukawa to do a decent photoshoot together. For now though, we will have to be satisfied with photomanips, scraps of random photo sessions and dorky Yuki selfies (which I won’t even bother with, but tumblr has a-plenty, just skim through the Yuki Furukawa tag). Also, everyone needs to drop whatever they are doing, and go have the best 10 minutes of their week by reading Mookie’s companion piece to the 6th episode. It cannot be more on-point and hilarious in detailing the depths to which Naoki has fallen for Kotoko. Now really, the only thing this fandom is missing is steamy fanfiction.



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Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo episode 6

I’m happy to report that no romantic tension has been lost as a result of the events that transpired last week. On the contrary, things are only heating up: Kotoko’s fantasies intensify as she dreams of another kiss, Naoki strolls around with wet hair, and who knew that tennis can be so dangerous. And stimulating. You will see what I mean.

Most notable of all, though, is that our darlings are now in college and that means Naoki has gotten himself well-fitted clothes. Hallelujah.[2013.05.13_11.38.43]

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