Yuki Furakawa and Miki Honoka Appreciation Post

I can’t believe there is still one more torturous day to go until a new episode of Itazura na Kiss. I know, there is still an episode of Last Cinderella that I haven’t gotten around to writing about (or doing the recap, is that what they are? well, mini-recaps, I guess) but I have been busy with some other things like gushing over Itazura na Kiss and performing in a Kpop cover dance concert (more on that later! Or just watch this video of us ladies doing Miss A’s I Don’t Need a Man and forget about it).

I implore Miki Honoka and Yuki Furukawa to do a decent photoshoot together. For now though, we will have to be satisfied with photomanips, scraps of random photo sessions and dorky Yuki selfies (which I won’t even bother with, but tumblr has a-plenty, just skim through the Yuki Furukawa tag). Also, everyone needs to drop whatever they are doing, and go have the best 10 minutes of their week by reading Mookie’s companion piece to the 6th episode. It cannot be more on-point and hilarious in detailing the depths to which Naoki has fallen for Kotoko. Now really, the only thing this fandom is missing is steamy fanfiction.



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