Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo, episode 10

*smirks at the heart pieces lying about of InK’s fandom which collectively exploded upon watching ep 10*[2013.06.09_19.53.11]

The Irie family are going away for a fortnight (which is clearly enough time for a disaster to unfold).[2013.06.09_19.48.50]

Kotoko makes delicious looking hambaga Japanese style for lil bro. Just so you know. watching this show has nothing to do with me getting Japanese food for lunch everyday.[2013.06.09_19.49.04]

Lil bro collapses from stomach pain and Kotoko instantly assumes it’s from her food.[2013.06.09_19.49.08]

Being at a loss of how to contact Naoki since he doesn’t even have a phone, Kotoko turns to her guardian angel, Kin-chan (is it me or is that lucky cat creepily big?)[2013.06.09_19.49.18]

Fortunately for Kin-chan and Kotoko who both know nothing about food poisoning, Kin-chan’s co-worker sets them on the path of reason and tells them to call the ambulance immediately.[2013.06.09_19.49.23]

Meanwhile Kin-chan and Kotoko’s besties attempt to find the wayward son.[2013.06.09_19.49.40]

Besties get to gloat at the pretty aunt because she doesn’t know where Naoki lives either.[2013.06.09_19.50.00][2013.06.09_19.50.06]

Kin-chan finds Naoki eventually and I love how haughty Naoki looks at first, as in “what do you want from me?” and Kin-chan is having none of it and just tells him to hurry up and rescue his brother.[2013.06.09_19.50.21]

Almost bromance! *inevitably starts singing almost paradise*[2013.06.09_19.50.40]

Everyone lets out a deep sigh of relief, as soon as Naoki appears.[2013.06.09_19.50.52][2013.06.09_19.51.10]

Kin-chan has to go back to work (ugh, if I was Kin-chan my heart would be breaking over leaving the two of them to bond over all this tragedy).[2013.06.09_19.51.19]

But not before the wayward son has a chance to say thank you and complete the humbling with a deep bow.[2013.06.09_19.51.23]

Kin-chan struggles for a moment on how to react but quickly collects himself and says, “Aren’t you a little too selfish? I understand if you want to live alone, but you have to let your family know how to contact you”. Kin-chan is being exceedingly nice. The whole time they were chasing after him I kept muttering “selfish jerk” through gritted teeth. Thank you, Kin-chan for once again, being a better person in every respect and saying what needed to be said.[2013.06.09_19.51.43][2013.06.09_19.51.51]

Naoki doesn’t look that shaken by Kin-chan’s reprimands but if he is any good, he will take it to heart in the long run.[2013.06.09_19.51.57]

OH, THIS SCENE. I STILL CANNOT.[2013.06.09_19.52.05]

This is, hands down, one of the swooniest, revelatory, intense yet tender hugs I’ve seen on TV, on top of being both an amazing addition to the InK lore and completely in line with the spirit of the original story.[2013.06.09_19.52.11][2013.06.09_19.52.14][2013.06.09_19.52.18]

The height difference. HIS FACE. So incredibly gentle and comforting and loving but with the touch of the same uncertainty, or something like reservation, that we’ve seen him assume many times before.[2013.06.09_19.52.22][2013.06.09_19.52.28][2013.06.09_19.52.35][2013.06.09_19.52.49]

And I love how his reserve crumbles instantly under the weight of Kotoko’s affection. His hand does not hesitate for a second in embracing her back.[2013.06.09_19.52.56]

A sort of back hug is great. A sort of back hug that turns into a full-on embrace is perfection.[2013.06.09_19.53.04][2013.06.09_19.53.22]

Naoki decides to bring some levity to their long and dark night with: “Well, you know, cabs don’t run in the snow(?), that means we are going to my place!”[2013.06.09_19.53.26][2013.06.09_19.53.31]

The only person more giddy than Kotoko about seeing Naoki’s place is ME.[2013.06.09_19.53.37]

You know, the fact that Naoki doesn’t go the usual route of teasing and can barely manage a deadpan “wanna take a shower?” makes me think this setup is just as dangerously provocative for him, as it is for Kotoko.[2013.06.09_19.53.52]

Kotoko, don’t look so horrified at the prospect of shower with the man. I’m sure he doesn’t bite. Too hardWell, maybe later, if you are both into that. Mind, please, get out of the gutter. ITS NOT MY FAULT. THIS DRAMA DID IT TO ME[2013.06.09_19.53.55][2013.06.09_19.54.08][2013.06.09_19.54.13][2013.06.09_19.54.44]

Kotoko freaking out over there being one bed.  Duh, that’s what he meant when he said MY PLACE. One bed, one ugly ikea lamp and the two of you![2013.06.09_19.54.28]

Haha, Kotoko being pervy in the bathroom and thinking about him and smelling his towel. Best part?[2013.06.09_19.55.04]

He probably knows. And is pleased about it.[2013.06.09_19.55.15]


AHHH, I CAN’T!!! I I have a thing for girls wearing their BF’s stuff (I think I could Love Rain for this scene alone).[2013.06.09_19.55.55]

Kotoko proposes she sleep on the floor and Naoki replies: “Fine”. Haha Naoki, staring into that book helped you find a sliver of your sarcasm back?[2013.06.09_19.56.11][2013.06.09_19.56.37]

Eventually they settle into beds (in identical positions!)[2013.06.09_19.56.59]

But the quiet doesn’t last long when Kotoko insists they keep the light on. Naoki grumbles but gives in, since the argument of “well, how am I suppose to go to the bathroom and not walk over all of your limbs?” is pretty convincing, I guess.[2013.06.09_19.57.09]

AND THEN, Kotoko asks if he is a cold and it’s as though he’s been waiting just for that “YES, OF COURSE! LET’S SLEEP TOGETHER”. Ah, was it that hard to get into bed with someone when I was their age? (says, the old 23yo lady).[2013.06.09_19.57.15][2013.06.09_19.57.30][2013.06.09_19.57.33]

Kotoko is wondering why she it the only one being pervy about the whole thing and Naoki, gifted with the power to read Kotoko’s mind, goes on to explain, which just this fact alone, that he is bothering to explain himself at all, should tip Kotoko off that he CLEARLY WANTS TO DO SOMETHING but can’t, but well, it’s Kotoko:[2013.06.09_19.57.37][2013.06.09_19.57.46]

“This is exactly what my mom wants to happen…And I don’t do things as my mom wants them. I want to find things that I want to do and that’s a huge reason why I moved out. NOT YOU. You get it?”[2013.06.09_19.57.57]

I think Kotoko gets it somewhat but just as Naoki begins to dangerously ramble on about all the things he realized he liked once he moved out…she falls asleep.[2013.06.09_19.58.10]

Is there doubt in anyone’s mind just how much Naoki is in love with her? I mean, I remember, even at this stage in ISWAK, Zhi Shu was still teasing XQ mercilessly and did not look at all affected at certain moments but here, Naoki’s love is so out in the open, so insanely obvious.[2013.06.09_19.58.52][2013.06.09_19.59.11]

He barely opens his eyes before he all but gropes for Kotoko. He so wanted to sleep with her and wake up to see her next to him.[2013.06.09_19.59.19][2013.06.09_19.59.23]

He goes on to look for signs of her and finds the coffee that she prepared for him. They couldn’t have done anything else to make this episode more amazing, could they?[2013.06.09_19.59.39][2013.06.09_19.59.45]

Nope, they totally could. Because we still have the hospital scenes![2013.06.09_19.59.59]

Ah, so apparently the nurse lady played Kotoko in original InK. I dig her adorable ears.[2013.06.09_20.00.03][2013.06.09_20.00.10]

What does it say about a drama, when the fantasy sequence is pretty much inferior to what actually happens? Nothing, except that it is perfection.[2013.06.09_20.00.17][2013.06.09_20.00.24][2013.06.09_20.00.34]

Has anyone kept count on how many times the actors had to make out for these elaborate fantasy scenes? Like 10, at least?[2013.06.09_20.00.41][2013.06.09_20.01.00][2013.06.09_20.01.05][2013.06.09_20.01.08][2013.06.09_20.01.18]

How could this be real? I still have to remind myself this is real. All of it. The light, Naoki’s smile, the playful “shhh” directed at his brother.[2013.06.09_20.01.33][2013.06.09_20.01.41]

Lil bro looks traumatized for life but I don’t care.[2013.06.09_20.01.49]

I don’t think they could beat episode 10 with anything at this point unless they have them marry and make out right there and then but that is so not happening any time soon so I think it’s pretty safe to say we will have a quieter episode this week. Still, we will get this?



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18 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo, episode 10

  1. such a deliciously cute episode. too bad these moments of affection are so few and far between…I want that fluffy shoujo payoff ASAP (but it will take ages T__T). thanks for the reviews – they’ve been fun to read c:

    unfortunately, I’m almost 100% sure that scene from the next episode is a fantasy sequence ):

    • Haha, yeah I figured it was a fantasy sequence too. I just hope Kotoko makes it long and good, like she always does. They look beyond gorgeous in that scene.

      I actually love the balance of cuteness and affection in this version. Much better than ISWAK, but then the lack of affection also made the payoff that much sweeter too.

      • I’m really loving the balance here – more affectionate Naoki and less stupid Kotoko. Yes the payoff in ISWAK was sweet but I ended up mostly annoyed about how Xiang Qin kept hanging onto Zhi Shu despite him treating her so coldly. It sort of became ‘girl, wtf do you see in him; he treats you (mostly) like crap or ignores you’.

        It’s great to see a more organic progression of Kotoko and Naoki’s relationship. I hope the show keeps it up and doesn’t make Naoki too cold (especially towards the end). I much prefer the reading that Naoki’s coldness is his own insecurity and inexperience with ~feelings~ rather than just toying with Kotoko’s affections out of spite


    Ahem. Forgive the outburst, but you said everything (and more) on my mind about the back hug and fantasy versus real bit! 😉

  3. This episode so gooood .. hug , kiss ,kiss !! Aww
    For 2nd kiss this is the best execution than the others remake .. the way he kiss her , this guy really in love ^^
    For “bed scene” , I prefer this one ( in manga & others kotoko sleep habit so embarrasing ).

    Kin-chan , again !! I hate you so much for being so nice ! I will cry so hard when kotoko rejected him 😦
    Although I still ship kotoko naoki, but it’s okay with me kotoko end up with kin-chan ( maybe if this happen naoki will commit to suicide ).
    Maybe all fangirls happy in ep10 n but wait until sahoko appear !!

    • For “bed scene” , I prefer this one ( in manga & others kotoko sleep habit so embarrassing oh, was it?? I totally forgot XD I just remember that nothing steamy or of importance happened in that bed scene in ISWAK.

      Nooo, Naoki, don’t commit suicide. Haha. Yeah, Sahoko…I’m already sharpening my knives.

  4. This episode is great to help offset the misery I know is coming.I really like the way Naoki is being portrayed in this version. His obvious feelings for Kotoko add weight to the decisions coming in future episodes and apt up my anticipation of the eventual rain confession.

    • You are absolutely right about the added weight of his obvious feelings for Kotoko…how are they going to handle that portion of the manga? I really hope they proceed with caution because even when Naoki just had the date with Yuko out of spite, he came off looking completely heartless. I would hate for them to go too much into that territory again because I think thus far they build up Yuki’s character perfectly – so completely captivated by Kotoko but still reserved and uncertain…It feels like a process of maturity and growth, rather than just senseless cruelty (the way it sometimes felt with ZS, for example).

  5. Thank you ^.^ btw is it just me that think when Naoki offered kotoko to take a shower he looked try to control not to smile and laugh coz the way he looked kotoko was ……? Priceless >>>.<<<

  6. I always wait for your weekly recap every week, so thank you! This episode is so … sweet and cute I just can’t. The moment Naoki, kissed Kotoko in that hospital I went berserk and practically abused my husband “OMG THE KISS THE KISS THE KISS”.

    And then I replayed that scene for 100xx times xD

    Phew, glad to finally get it out xD. Now.. the angst is coming 😥

  7. I don’t know why I was so excited that they brought in the old Kotoko! 🙂
    Ugh this episode stole my feels and exploded them! a,sdfnasfsdf I’m so happy!

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