LIEBSTER AWARD: Getting to know me and other awesome bloggers

Thank you Analogousblues for nominating me. The badge is shiny!

Official rules for the Liebster Award

1. List 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you.
3. Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.
4. Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
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11 Facts About YourInsomnia 

1) I live in Brooklyn and I like it very much, although there were periods when I hated it too. But overall, I love the insanity of NYC, the diversity and the food (or more like diversity of food, basically JUST GIVE ME FOOD). I’ve lived here so long I don’t think I would be able to live anywhere where there isn’t a subway/metro within walking distance.

2) I’m a snob when it comes to books. I get my fix of entertainment and escapism with Asian dramas, so when I sit down with a book it has to blow my mind with the language and the writing, otherwise I will most likely despise it. My latest literary escapade confirmed this once again: despite my love for the character of Sherlock Holmes, and all other merits of Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing such as it being a pioneer in detective fiction, I found his writing to be abhorrently dry and flat. I need the language to be poetic, complex, extraordinary or anything other than competent (which a lot of authors can do like Stephen King for example, or the same Arthur Conan Doyle or even G.R.R. Martin who is a genius by all accounts but to me is not an amazing writer).  It is the same reason why I can’t enjoy the majority of fantasy, sci-fi or YA literature out there (and lord, how I tried). I do read non-fiction though, but it’s out of sheer masochism to impose some form of painful reading material on myself, now that I’m out of college and all. My boyfriend pronounced me tenacious for having finished Universe from Nothing,.

3) I don’t watch Western TV but I watch a lot of Western movies. I watch plenty of Asian dramas but few Asian movies.

4) I’ve been fascinated by Asian culture since I was young. The fascination has taken on many forms throughout the years including anime, dramas, music, food and fashion and literature.

5) I have a smoking fetish. Cumberbatch smoking fetish.

6) I love rain. I honestly would be OK if it rained 300 days out of the year.

7) I’m originally from Russia and I even retained a bit of an accent to this day. A fact that brings me much displeasure. It’s not very obvious and people have told me that they can’t tell exactly where I’m from but still. I want to sound American, goddamn it. Or British. That would be nice too. But alas, nothing I do seems to change the way I sound.

8) I write silly hipster poetry and short stories.

9) I’m not athletic but I’ve been taking dance classes since I was 8.

10) Why are there 11 of these random facts? What a random number!

11) Imagine writing 100 random facts about yourself? I can’t even reach the level of vanity required to do 11. Not that I’m not vain. I am. And also awesome. So there.

Questions from Analoguesblues

1. What drama character do you find relates to yourself the most? Why?

Asian dramas? I don’t often relate to female characters in Asian dramas because they are either too idealistic or just villainous. I do remember identifying with one character in this Japanese drama Love Shuffle (Mei played by amazing Kanjiri Shihoya). She is a sheltered princess type of character, who despite loving her fiance  hurts him a lot because she lets her emotions dictate her decisions. I am very much like that and impulsive too.

2. What are some of your hobbies?

Some listed above – reading obscure lit fiction, dancing, writing all manner of random things.

3. If you could spend a day with someone who is already deceased, who would it be? Why?

My brother. I would ask him to do all the things we never did together – go to the movies, walk, have a drink somewhere.

4. Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 10 years?

I hope to see myself in a house with sliding Japanese doors, surrounded by cats and working on my novel.

5. How important is language and culture to you?

Important, as in how much it interests me? To a reasonable degree, I guess. I am interested in Asian cultures but very much not interested in the culture I come from. I’m indifferent about languages for the most part and I never had this mad desire to learn many languages (knowing two is good enough and the experience of learning Japanese put me off to pursue studies in other Asian languages). Out of all Asian languages I love how Chinese sounds the most (especially in music) and Korean the least. I am interested in language as a concept though and very fascinated by accents.

6. What kind of sense of humor suits your taste? (i.e. Nerdy, Crude, Puns…)

Self-deprecating, black humor ala British TV.

7. If you were given the chance to teleport to one place in the world to spend 24 hours there, where would you teleport to?

Some dark alley in London.

Blogs I nominate:






My Questions:

1) Is there a fictional character that you wish you were like and/or actively trying to be like?

2) What is your last meal on Earth?

3) What is that one thing you really wish you had time for (hobby, activity, etc)?

4) Do you know any extraordinary people? What makes them extraordinary?

5) Favorite place in the world?

6) One silly thing you did recently.

7) Bubble tea or iced coffee?

19 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD: Getting to know me and other awesome bloggers

  1. Hey accents are cool!!! By the way, I wonder if you’ve watched the BBC series Sherlock? *W*

    I also love the rain, it is my favorite kind of weather. It is the best when I can stay home and laze around while it is raining outside.

  2. I thought you’re originally from Asian descend 🙂 .. never thought you’re originally from Rusia 😉 .. I myself is from southeast asia, besides my own culture i’m interest in other culture too:) that’s i love watching Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese dramas since my teen.. My only regret is i wish i could learn their language when i was young.. LOL.. never have the chance to learn them:)

    • Ah, sometimes I wish I was of Asian descend (at least in looks). Actually I think WAS Asian in my previous life, otherwise there is no explanation for my obsession with everything Asian (well, maybe all the hot guys in Asian entertainment explains it too….).

  3. I’m also a rain love! I love And a book whiner <-what I'm called. I can be a total spoilsport in bookclub, nitpicking on some minute detail with not much significance…except just bugging me. I may still like the book…just with LOTS of buts. I'm more lenient now, just like I'm with my dramas, as long as I'm getting what it's promising me to. That will do.

    So…are you a bubble tea or an iced coffee?? not that you ask me how I'm the iced milk tea/coffee (english breakfast/french pressed with half and half and evaporated milk and condensed milk) no bubble kind. I do not care for chewing my beverage.

    • Haha, I don’t usually nitpick if the book appeals to me, it’s just hard to find something that does…I’m so particular about the language – it has to be really vivid and nuanced, loaded with symbolism or references, complex in structure and ideas but simple in wording (although I do appreciate the complex word-weaving ala Proust and Nabokov occasionally too). It’s hard to explain but I’ve started reading Yukio Mushima and he’s hitting all of that so well. Actually, Confessions of a Mask reminds me of Crystal Boys (similar themes of repression and estrangement), except more candid and grotesque.

      But chewing your beverage is the best part about bubble tea! Bubble teas are too sugary for me (you can tell I’ve had enough of my binge, haha. I was eating nothing but Belgian cookies for the whole day a few days ago) and I don’t drink milk….so that leaves black coffee!

      • I know what you mean, I love to be dazzled by words, it’s so hard to come by nowadays, esp in HK fiction… the most famous prolific HK ladywriter, She so gets on my nerve for wasting trees with sentences of 2 characters. Yes. (1 line) No. (another line). Maybe. (3rd line) that kind of deal. I didn’t read a book just to appreciate the texture and feel and smell of white paper.

        haha that is exactly why I HATE bubble tea, why do I have to chew my beverage again, because that is not what we usu do with other ‘less’ interesting beverages?!! ?!?!?!! I have to chew my food already, if I am drinking sth from a straw, it peeves me I had to pause and chew before it goes down not too smoothly. And milk+tea raves on that silky smooth texture, that so defy the purpose and enjoyment. A good cup of SEAsia milktea should be almost thick enough to coat and let your taste buds savor the richness. it’s such a stupid choking hazard in making for kids. I just do not think boba tastes anything amazing to danger my breathing over.

      • I didn’t read a book just to appreciate the texture and feel and smell of white paper.

        What is ladywriter’s name? Haha, I do! I love the feeling of books to an unhealthy degree. Like I can flip pages and admire the font of a book I particularly like for hours (only reason I finished SH because the book had really nice pages and binding…) People stare at me on the subway. Are they thinking I’m procrastinating with my reading?

        Well, I like to take a long time with drinks so pausing to chew plays right into that. Tapioca, jelly – I will take anything! But only problem is, tapioca is so heavy and feels like a meal. Totally screws with your hunger for the day. So yeah, I like it but it’s bad for so many reasons.

        I just do not think boba tastes anything amazing to danger my breathing over.

        Omg, Mookie you are hilarious. I never thought of it that way. But I just thought of a drink we can both enjoy – Thai Iced Tea! ^^ In fact I’m having it now and it’s raining outside and so life is very nice for the moment.

        Also, also! I’m planning another trip to Cali this July (my bf proposed some islands but I was like NO. I NEED TO GO BACK TO CALIFORNIA!) and we gonna have a few days in San Francisco (on top of a few days in Napa) and I just realized that we can only see the giant sequoias in Yosemite and that’s like 4 hours away…You think it’s worth it to spend a day for giant sequoias or better to stay put in SF? My bf haven’t been to SF yet so there is a lot to see too.

      • I <33 Thai Icetea~ for some reason I had it most often when eating pho.

        OHHH! YAY! depends on how long you guys are staying, Yosemite/Sequoia park needs 2 days at least. It's very beautiful there but it would be a 4+ hrs part in the mountains one way. How about redwoods in Muirwoods, a bit more than a hour fr SF, north of the golden gate bridge? There is a very doable mile long loop for a short hike…and it can be done in half a day combined with a trip to Napa/sonoma/Point Reyes

      • Don’t think we have 2 days for Yosemite. We will have a week but we are also driving from LA (have to show bf Rd 1) we are also stopping by Cambria or somewhere along for the night. Would you happen to know any nice hotels along Rd1 before Big Sur (it’s too far)? I heard about Miurwoods and was thinking that we will stop by there on the way from Napa but there are no sequoias there…are there?? If it’s just pretty wood I think we would like to explore SF more instead or take a ferry to Sausalito for sea type of activity.

      • yeah, coastal redwoods (same fam as sequoias) may be slightly less ‘cartoonish’ than sequoia sequoias @ yosemite or sequoia national park, the ones in Muirwoods are quite magnificant, it can go up to easily 20, 30 ft wide. it’s still quite impressive I must say, v set of Twilight hahaha

        so u mean N of Big Sur?! Monterey always have groupon/living social deals and the inns and hotels there should be ok. I’ve only stayed further down. this is one of the most beautiful inn I’ve stayed on earth, super expensive. You can also stop by there for lunch just for the scenery alone, food is so-so. the inn 5+ stars.

        This is at San Luis Obispo nothing fancy, maybe a bit old fashioned for you, my hubs love their apple pie and it’s a must-stop if we’re driving down 1/101

        Is Solvang is not too out of the way this is decent too:

        I’ve also stayed at a safari tent here I love it, my hubs, not so much! ^^ It is a bit pricey for what it’s worth.

      • Oh great!! We are so going there to see the trees.

        I actually meant south of Big Sur since we will be driving up from LA (going from horrible to magnificent so to speak, haha although I remember Santa Barbara being quite nice too) but I want us to drive slowly not like last time, doing mad dashes from SF to LA in one day and then from San Diego to Vegas in 8 hours. So we definitely want to enjoy the ride and stay somewhere half way to rest up. I heard Cambria and San Simeon is good for that. OMG, that hotel is something out of a dream. AMAZING. 2k for one night? Where did my millions go……Even the dinner looks too fancy for us (is it dress code fancy? I doubt we can bother with that on a road trip). Might try to go for lunch though because the VIEWS!!! >.< Pies are legit our favorite thing in the world so we will stop by. So excited, I cannot process it.

  4. Thanks for answering my questions! Nice to know you are a fellow New Yorker like meee 🙂 Although I rarely venture into Brooklyn, only going there to visit family which is also another rare occasion.

    • Yay, fellow New Yorker! I venture out of Brooklyn so often I feel like I live somewhere in-between boroughs. I commute to the city for work and drive out to Queens (Flushing to be exact) for dance classes on the weekend.

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