Yuki Furakawa and Miki Honoka Appreciation Post

I can’t believe there is still one more torturous day to go until a new episode of Itazura na Kiss. I know, there is still an episode of Last Cinderella that I haven’t gotten around to writing about (or doing the recap, is that what they are? well, mini-recaps, I guess) but I have been busy with some other things like gushing over Itazura na Kiss and performing in a Kpop cover dance concert (more on that later! Or just watch this video of us ladies doing Miss A’s I Don’t Need a Man and forget about it).

I implore Miki Honoka and Yuki Furukawa to do a decent photoshoot together. For now though, we will have to be satisfied with photomanips, scraps of random photo sessions and dorky Yuki selfies (which I won’t even bother with, but tumblr has a-plenty, just skim through the Yuki Furukawa tag). Also, everyone needs to drop whatever they are doing, and go have the best 10 minutes of their week by reading Mookie’s companion piece to the 6th episode. It cannot be more on-point and hilarious in detailing the depths to which Naoki has fallen for Kotoko. Now really, the only thing this fandom is missing is steamy fanfiction.




Credit to Clinnie for lovely manips.

Yuki’s images are from the following “night city” photoshoot, which is just gorgeous. Apparently, he can look older. It’s the leather jacket!


But thankfully, once a dork, always a dork.



And more of Yuki, just because.


He is not one of the more obviously good-looking Japanese men like Satoh Takeru, but he is definitely attractive. It’s simpler, it’s nerdier but it works. I’m dismayed at the fact that he hasn’t appeared on screen more. His drama record is utterly uninspiring. Here is to hoping his baby-face and popularity in InK will bring us the good fortune of seeing him star in many jdramas to come.





28 thoughts on “Yuki Furakawa and Miki Honoka Appreciation Post

  1. SO CUTE!!! I can’t see myself reading steamy fanfic of the 2 darlings yet. What makes this manga adapt insanely precious is they truly feel like 2 innocent babies that will make a big fuss over lips touching…STILL. We are so jaded, we missed this pure puppy love haha vanilla can be so delicious and we are all craving some after not really having any for so long.

    Yukikun looks the most alluring to me when he’s not smiling, haha when he smiles he looks toooo adorkable, cute, but it’s hard to find a 5 yo boy attractive for me. And he can be smexy…I saw gifs of a horror movie Tomio (fr the horror mangaka Junji Itou) I’m the biggest of wimp so aarrrggghhh loooking at the (Yuki nikkid) gifs gave me nightmares. But if you are into horror movies, I think Junji Itou stuff should give a good fix.

  2. They seriously need a fanfic!! I’ve been searching for it, but there are none, aaaah, so disappointed. Anyway, I hope someone writes one! If I was a good writer, I would’ve written one ages ago! Haha, they just look so cute that you want to throw all the things around you! I also hope they have loads of photos together like aaaah! Also a commercial (cf) would do! Haha, I am asking for loads!

    • Noooo, you are totally not asking for a lot. We deserve a commercial, a photo shoot and I would even say a music video or something. Can they sing? xD

      Ah…I would so write fanfiction about them but then be embarrassed to show it to the world, haha.

  3. hehehehee~ this Yuki and Miki appreciation post seems a little Yuki biased! Not that I’m complaining or anything… although, I have to say that Miki is a talented young actress. The range of emotions she has been showing as Kotoko is very impressive and she pulls it off so very naturally, unlike other rookie actors/actresses who tend to “overact”.

    Haha, maybe a leather jacket or darker clothing can age Yuki by 1 or 2 years but his baby face totally gives it away! Especially when he smiles; that’s when all pretense of his cool and mature image goes out the door and is replaced by that adorkability.

    Loved the collection of photos : D

    • I’m sorry for the bias!! I really did not mean for it to show! It’s just that Miki doesn’t have too many pictures (at least on our side of the fandom? I bet Japanese and Chinese fans have access to more). I shall investigate the Japanese bookstore in my area to see if there are any features on InK in recent issues of magazines, although I doubt it.

      I think Miki overreacts too but it works to her advantage and charm. She feels like a genuine hyperactive and expressive Japanese girl.

      • I totally understand why Yuki has been getting all the love despite Miki’s charm and her adorable ways. From what I’ve read in the Chinese forums, the fans definitely love Miki a lot! Thanks for your hard work!

        Yeah, I agree that Miki does overreact for the comedic scenes, like when she freaked out seeing Yuki in his own house for the first time, but I think those were more of the director’s intention rather than her own choice maybe? In the quieter, more serious moments, like in the most recent episode 7, I love how subtle she was when she lingered in her room, reminiscing before she had to move out of the Irie’s home.

      • I think one thing I love about Miki’s acting especially is how naturally she goes from being cheerful to sad and heartbroken. It’s so very teenage-like and innocent but not exaggerated or farcical. Like I said, even if she overreacts, it’s feels so authentically Japanese and juvenile. Her adorableness doesn’t grate at all! In fact, I’m a bit in love with her myself. Which was not the case in ISWAK at all 🙂

      • Exactly! Miki is just perfect as Kotoko. This drama is special in that it not only makes the fangirl audience fall in love with the main guy but also the main girl as well :DD

  4. Well honey.. I’m not in the age of “fangirling”anymore 😉 and here l am.. following Yuki Furukawa Facebook.. LOL..i’ve watch some doramas in the past, and thanks God inally someone could speak English very well..

    *still waiting for your ep 7 recap 🙂


  5. Love InK too! But I actually am a fan of Miki Honoka more than Furukawa yuki.. o.o haha! But Furukawa yuki really looks young. I’m still on it that he faked his age. muahaha.

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  7. They says that Honoka’s Official twitter is @HonokaMiki but she dosen’t has any facebook..hope my information was usefull for you guys ;3

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