Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo episode 6

I’m happy to report that no romantic tension has been lost as a result of the events that transpired last week. On the contrary, things are only heating up: Kotoko’s fantasies intensify as she dreams of another kiss, Naoki strolls around with wet hair, and who knew that tennis can be so dangerous. And stimulating. You will see what I mean.

Most notable of all, though, is that our darlings are now in college and that means Naoki has gotten himself well-fitted clothes. Hallelujah.[2013.05.13_11.38.43]

How do we know we are in one of Kotoko’s delicious fantasies?[2013.05.13_11.31.13]

When Naoki hovers nearby. Takes a deep breath. Says something ludicrous. Without smirking (smirking is important. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN TELL IT’S NOT REALLY HIM. Well, and I guess, if you seen any other adaptions you would know too…)[2013.05.13_11.31.48]

*cue porn music*[2013.05.13_11.32.04]

“I’m sorry. I’ve been feeling shy after that day.”[2013.05.13_11.32.11][2013.05.13_11.32.24][2013.05.13_11.32.31]

How many times did the actors have to practice that to make sure they stop just mere millimeters away from each other? Don’t know about you, but I will be here, imagining all the accidental kisses that happened in the process.[2013.05.13_11.32.39]

First day of college and Kotoko resumes her puppy-like stalking of Naoki.[2013.05.13_11.32.47]

“Are going to keep following me to the Science building?” he asks.[2013.05.13_11.33.05]

Kotoko needs to go to a different building but that doesn’t deterher from checking up on him later on.

Her girlfriends are looking much better too.[2013.05.13_11.33.17]

Enter our long-awaited love rival, Yuko Matsumoto. She is beautiful, smart, and….must be over 30 years old. Or at least looks like it.[2013.05.13_11.33.25]

Which, don’t get me wrong, is not old by any stretch of imagination. BUT.[2013.05.13_11.33.37]

Next to my baby-faced Yuki she might pass for his aunt or someone equally old and unappealing. No, him wearing a suit doesn’t help at all. Why is she interested in him? To baby-sit him?[2013.05.13_11.33.52]

Well, anyway, time to pretend that Yuko is somehow the most beautiful thing that ever walked the earth and that she is somehow a threat to Kotoko who has about 50x her charm.[2013.05.13_11.33.58]

Aunt asks Naoki, “Who is this? Your girlfriend?”[2013.05.13_11.34.03]

He replies, “No way” and stalks off, leaving the Aunt looking smug and Kotoko speechless.[2013.05.13_11.34.13]

The family gathers at Kotoko Papa’s restaurant, where, surprise! Kin-chan is now working/helping out.[2013.05.13_11.34.22]

Naoki is so obviously displeased every time Kin-chan and Kotoko interact that I can’t help but laugh every time. How come no one else notices him shooting jealous daggers in Kin-chan’s direction? WAKE UP, PEOPLE.[2013.05.13_11.34.30]

Jealous Naoki Take 1.[2013.05.13_11.34.37][2013.05.13_11.35.23]

Jealous Naoki Take 2.

Yeah, keep drinking that tea.[2013.05.13_11.35.29]

I love Kotoko’s quick thinking in this hallway scene. “Naoki just came out of the shower. Sexy wet hair. Towel. Must engage in conversation.”[2013.05.13_11.35.40]

“Soo…you like that pretty-looking aunt, huh?” Kotoko asks.[2013.05.13_11.35.46]

“Why? You jealous?”[2013.05.13_11.36.05]

“So it worked…You can’t forget about me after that kiss.”[2013.05.13_11.36.36]

And proceeds to tease her by leaning in for another kiss and then laughing it off like always. If Kotoko doesn’t explode from all the tension, I will.[2013.05.13_11.36.11]

Someone hold me before I start attacking my computer screen.[2013.05.13_11.36.30][2013.05.13_11.37.06]

Kin-chan is working at the cafeteria too and gosh, I’m having insane ISWAK flashbacks because I swear Joe Cheng donned a grey blazer in the exact same scene.[2013.05.13_11.37.23][2013.05.13_11.37.37][2013.05.13_11.37.45]

Kotoko despairs over the fact that her and Naoki are in completely different buildings, and as fun as stalking is, it’s just a tad bit worse than actual interactions, so her girlfriends encourage her to join the same club as Naoki.[2013.05.13_11.37.50]

Naoki refuses to tell her which club it is because it takes a genius to know that Kotoko will want to join it as well…[2013.05.13_11.38.30]

And that is how Kotoko ends up chasing Naoki across the whole campus.[2013.05.13_11.38.52][2013.05.13_11.39.01]

Finally Kotoko sees Naoki entering a room and barges in, pronouncing she wants to join that club…[2013.05.13_11.39.14]

Which turns out to be the nerdiest corner at the Uni – anime club.
“Where is Irie-kun?” Kotoko asks.
“Who? The guy who just left?”

Kotoko runs around some more and finally finds Naoki and the pretty aunt, who is trying to chat him up, to no avail for now.[2013.05.13_11.39.34][2013.05.13_11.39.50][2013.05.13_11.39.56][2013.05.13_11.40.06]

Kotoko manages to read the sign on the door this time, which says tennis, before yelling that she wants to join that club.[2013.05.13_11.40.34]

She then gets a cute tennis outfit and attempts some fail tennis poses ala Xiang Qin from ISWAK.  I sort of like the aunt because her reaction to Kotoko thus far has been: “What in the world is this girl doing?”[2013.05.13_11.40.42]

Sudo is the guy who recruited Naoki to the tennis club earlier and he is also the one to administer an assessment test for new members.

Apparently he is beast at tennis. In all the sense of the word. Just look at his shorts…[2013.05.13_11.42.46]

Are those shorts a bit too small for him or is he just that excited playing tennis?[2013.05.13_11.42.51]

Or maybe it’s Yuko’s cleavage…[2013.05.13_11.42.30]

I did not want to go there BUT LOOK AT IT. It’s amazing. Seriously.[2013.05.13_11.42.35]

Kotoko is terrified at the prospect of facing the Beast but Naoki just makes things worse by making Sudo lose during their match and angering him to his wits’ end.[2013.05.13_11.42.09]

The beast does not disappoint and knocks out Kotoko with a well-aimed shot.[2013.05.13_11.43.04][2013.05.13_11.43.13]

Naoki is cracking up adorably and the aunt is still like: “What is going on?”[2013.05.13_11.43.17][2013.05.13_11.43.20]

Ah, the smile of a man in love. Observe it.[2013.05.13_11.43.32]

Naoki is so pro he doesn’t even need to come to practice so not only does Kotoko have to endure rigorous training, she doesn’t even get to share the pain with Naoki.[2013.05.13_11.43.51]

Kokoto’s Papa asks her to come to the restaurant to have a talk.[2013.05.13_11.44.00]

He is aware that things are not really working out between her and Naoki and that perhaps it would be better to move out, as to not abuse the kindness of the Irie family. He says he already found a nice place for them.[2013.05.13_11.44.06]

Kotoko is pretty shaken by the idea of moving out, wondering what would connect her to Naoki if that were to happen.[2013.05.13_11.44.14]

Naoki runs into Kotoko and asks her where she is been since it’s so late (not without telling her off that *she* doesn’t need to know where he’s been. Jerk, grrr.)[2013.05.13_11.44.26]

Kotoko replies that she was at her father’s restaurant. and Naoki immediately incited, asks : “You went to see that guy?”

Naoki being jealous take 3.[2013.05.13_11.44.19]

“What guy?” asks Kotoko. Girl, you are so clueless.[2013.05.13_11.44.33]

“Nevermind. Me and my father are moving out.”[2013.05.13_11.44.39][2013.05.13_11.44.59]

Naoki is trying to cover it up but it’s clear that this is not pleasant news to him.[2013.05.13_11.45.03]

Kotoko seems to sense that too and asks, “Will you miss us?”[2013.05.13_11.45.14]

The prolonged silence is such a clear answer that YES, HE WILL. But instead he goes for, “Finally, my life can go back to the way it used to be”[2013.05.13_11.45.19]

Kotoko is upset and thinks to herself “I don’t understand. I don’t understand how you feel, Irie-kun.”

Which is strange, considering that he told her, in the same exact spot, that having her in his life has been fun, despite all the trouble. Naoki saying that everything will go back to normal does not mean he wants it at all. She should know him by now to realize that he just can’t express it any other way. Ah, but it’s easy to speak as someone from a side, as someone who doesn’t need any affirmations, hell as someone who is not waiting for that first, grand confession of love. But good thing about this incredible, wonderful story that it’s all coming (the grand confession, among other things). I can’t believe I’m still this excited tuning in every week,despite being so familiar with the story. It’s more than a testament to the actors and the production, for being able to instill life into this franchise and even surpass some of the prior adaptations or maybe even the original. I’m also amazed at how well this adaptation is preserving the romantic tension, and the consistent characterization of Kotoko as someone absolutely, irresistibly naive but also charming and captivating and Naoki as arrogant, cheeky but human and a bit nerdy, and both of them so darling and relatable. I would say my expectations have been surpassed even with the side characters like Kin-chan and Yuko who I was so ready to dismiss at first. The beginning was shakier though and forgive me for not being true convert right away, but after seeing how well this adaptation has handled every single iconic turn of events, I have a lot of faith (and lot more excitement) going forward because it only gets better from here on, plot-wise. P.S., read this amazing write-up by Mookie on InK taking over Chinese side of the fandom and some of the reviews it’s getting. I mean, this title: Naoki is finally not a wax statue; Kotoko is no longer a retard. I can’t get it out of my head.

17 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo episode 6

  1. Yeah Yuko does look much older than Kotoko. O_O And not even in the “I’m a mature sexy lady” kind of way.

    I thought it was really funny when Kotoko was an utter fail at tennis because I am totally like her when it comes to sports. And yes, I also noticed the beast’s tight shorts. O_O” I loved the way Naoki smiled and laughed at her tennis fail. I think he actually wanted her to join the club just so he could gaze at her, HEHE.

    • Yuko is odd, isn’t she? Maybe I’m just spoiled by Tiffany Hsu, who was so drastically prettier than Ariel. Yuko is not ugly per se and I could even admit there is a certain charm to her but gosh, the actress playing Kotoko is so much prettier in this case.

      Lol at beast’s tight shorts – so I’m not the only pervert! xD Haha, I’m not on Kotoko’s levels of fail when it comes to sports but pretty darn close. I used to skip my tennis class in HS with my best friend all the freaking time, because it was the last period and also because we just couldn’t take the embarrassment XD

      • I know that looks don’t matter as long as the acting is good….but you are right there is a difference between her and Tiffany. Big time! I think Yuko reminds me a lot of a cat. O_O I don’t know why, lol!

        HEH yeah I was all, WHOA THERE….*stares at shorts* I have bad memories of summer tennis camp. I was always in the beginner level and I failed at it so badly. T_T

  2. I really love the way you recap and make comment .. Hehe.. I’ve all version, i don’t expect this version is soo adorable.. Even my daughters are curious saw me giggling and laughing watching this series 🙂 . in the end we together giggling watching it..thank you and i’ll be waiting for your recap

    • Ohh, are your daughters old enough to watch dramas? I think InK pretty innocent as far as any jdramas go (I just make it more perverted in my mind, haha). I wish my mom spoke English, I might have tried to lure her in to watch some Asian dramas with me 🙂

      Wee, thank you! It’s not strictly recaps, it’s more like me just watching and making random comments and having fun.

  3. I absolutely love love your reviews and your appreciation for Naoki’s subtle “I like you but I won’t admit it” attitude 😀 Your comments about each scene happens to match my inner thoughts so often that I was basically hurrahying through the entire post, yelling I KNOW RIGHT?! the whole time.

    Favorite scene: when Naoki’s eyes flickered away from almost glaring a hole into Kin-chan while he talked to Kotoko at her dad’s restaurant. Ah, the pettiness in Naoki is so entertaining 😉

    • Haha, thank you! I’m surprised people enjoy my random ramblings. I was thinking of doing dedicated recaps at some point but I always found traditional recaps to be a little dry and reading the recapper’s thoughts on the episode has always been the fun part for me.

      I love that scene too, so much! (along with the tennis one, and Naoki laughing and smiling at Kotoko). He really is such an obvious, jealous dork. I just want to ruffle his hair, tell him to stop being silly and go get it.

      • Ha, well this Naoki at least is more responsive (and less cold?) than ZS in ISWAK. I watched the Taiwanese one ages ago so I can’t recall clearly, but there seems to be more mutual interaction between Kotoko and Naoki in this version while in ISWAK, there was a lot more XQ’s one sided pursual.

        Can’t wait for Friday!

  4. *squeeee* This is lovely and you speak my mind! Thank you for letting us giggling along!

    This episode cements why Kotoko and Irie are made for one and another. Irie is so inept in being in touch with his feelings, Kotoko is the opposite. He expressed this lump of unknown in him with his slipping bouts of slight jealousy he is not conscious of, those smirking and sniding…all harbors it is in his program now to react to Kotoko in everything she says and does.

    And I love Kotoko sticking to her feelings for Irie, he kissed her, he’s in her mind constantly kissing her, so what if he hasn’t processed it all?! She will just keep doing what she’s been doing along, plucking herself right by his side…it bears the fruit of his kiss thus far! If she gave up on the annoying Irie at this point, their full-on romance will never happen.

    Part of the fun for me as well is the flashbacks to ISWAK, getting 2 doses of cuteness in one! But there are these little touches here which I like more than almost the exact scenes in ISWAK. In ISWAK, XQ is aware of how AhJin’s pining after her is annoying ZS, but she can’t process the why. Here Kotoko is not even aware of it, and Yuki is handling Irie’s jealous with such lovely delicate nuances. When Kinchan is sweet to Kotoko in Irie’s face, Kotoko will give him genuine appreciative attention as a friend, instead of being all attuned to Irie constantly, as if her life depends on it and nothing else is of any importance to her.

    • If she gave up on the annoying Irie at this point, their full-on romance will never happen.

      Mmm, you are right, she is dedicated without being unhealthily obsessed, which is a balance that was never struck, or even attempted to be struck in ISWAK. No way this drama is going farther than marriage, unless there is S2 but I do wonder how they would have dealt with Kotoko pursuing career in medical field for Naoki’s sake, which was always the most problematic and unhealthy aspect of their relationship for me.

      Ah, you put exactly into words what bothered me about XQ’s treatment of Ah Jin. He was not only completely unthreatening as a romantic rival but even their friendship seemed to me like something of Ah Jin pestering XQ into interacting with him (that date to the zoo was so miserable. Like, dude, I would not feel that miserable with anyone). Here, Kotoko is still all about Naoki obviously, but at least there is a connection(albeit friendly) between her and Kin-chan that can ruffle Naoki’s feathers so perfectly.

  5. As always , I love your recap !! Although already watching , still not complete if I don’t read your recap .. thanks

  6. I seriously love your comments on each episode! I was literally lolling especially the “Aunt” & “Sudo’s shorts” part. Haha, your comments are bringing out my inner fangirl! You rooooock. Jealous Naoki is the best. I also kept on laughing about how much rice she has! ……and the tennis part omfg.

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