Last Cinderella, episode 3

Well, this is a tad late, seeing as how episode 4 comes out tomorrow. But late is not too late, is it?

“This pain isn’t it an illness, is it? It’s love, isn’t it?”

An episode in which Sakura’s heart gets crushed a bit, we find out Hiroto’s taste in girlfriends is highly questionable, and Choco-chan is revealed to be a creepy stalker of Mr. Creepy Mustache. Frustrating episode, by all accounts.


Girls attend a cooking class and I weep, because my dough looks like Shima’s most of the time. No, even worse. Us sexy girls are just not good at baking, huh?


Meanwhile boys discuss endorphins, sex and chocolate and it’s all related somehow because then they start doing a weird Japanese exercise. Yeah, I don’t know. Just go with it.



Brushing up on my hiragana along the way…


Sakura is in a perpetual love-struck bliss and I am thoroughly blown away by her “unfeminine” cooking skills, because wow, I can’t make that.






“She will fall for me soon, what am I to do next? I’m not marrying her. And no children either. Not even one.”


“And what are about you? You and Mr. Dashing Smile are nowhere near having smashing sex. You are lagging behind!”

Good questions, they are.

Is she dying of some horrible shoulder disease or just unnerved by Hiroto’s pertinent questions?



Beautiful shot of Choco-chan at the altar of Mr. Dashing Smile.


Sakura gazes upon herself in the mirror, clutching at the non-existent fat of her bony sides and decides she must go on a diet.


Which ends with her on couch drinking beer. Yes, that’s my kind of diet.



“Can we go to a place I choose for us?” “Yes” “Your house!”




Shima’s choice in men is getting progressively worse. Can we go back to picking up hot young men in bars?


Miki’s scumbag of a husband asks Shima to help with his ED (erectile dysfunction) problem. Oh yeah, what a marvelous idea. Nothing will go wrong.


Forgive me for being crude, but trying to imagine sex between Hiroto and his girlfriend, makes it seem like a dreadfully boring affair. They are even wearing the same underwear from bed scene to scene. Also, I’m supremely disappointed in Hiroto staying with the same girl and HER at that. What kind of playboy is he?


Sakura indulging in a fantasy of what’s to come of her house dinner date with Hiroto and I highly approve of her adventurous spirit. I almost wish it wasn’t wasted on a guy like Hiroto…




Rintaro and Sakura fight over wine, cook and sleep together. Even I can’t deny that this has OTP written all over..





Ugh, Hiroto’s sex toy ruins the art of smoking with her horrible attitude.





And then this happens, and Sakura sees it, and it’s horrible because she instantly curls up in a corner and cries.


Why is Hiroto with her? At first, I was convinced there are just having sex, playing around etc. But if she is goes to see him during broad daylight there is more to it.




Good thing Mr. Dashing Smile is always an arm’s length away and Sakura gets a welcome distraction with his misfortune of not having a model for a competition he is attending.


Not distracted enough though, because Sakura ends up begging the only available model in ALL OF TOKYO for him, who is, of course, Hiroto’s bitchy girlfriend.






This was so incredibly uncomfortable to watch and I don’t really understand why Sakura would do it. I just can’t support her on this one no matter what. Yes, it was related to her work, or rather her friend’s work, but it was not a life and death situation and for christ’s sake, no one’s career was at stake. She was just helping out Rintaro with a competition, a vanity sort of thing, and there was absolutely no need to prove her loyalty as a friend or whatnot in such a debasing way. There is a reasonable amount of pride one can have and Sakura is clearly lacking it.


Shima won’t sleep with Miki’s husband but she agrees to play doctor. I swear, he better cure his ED ASAP and reconcile with his wife in a bout of the most passionate kind of love-making – otherwise I’m not having any of this. Wait, I’m not having any of it anyway, but really, he is getting doing himself in here.


Japanese man cooking. Said man is Miura Haruma. Locks of hair straying from his ponytail.

/brain shut down initiating…


1, 2, 3…




Mr. Dashing Smile is proving himself worthy yet: “yes, I have someone I like. But she is out of my reach now”. @Mookiehuyn, score one for you!


Sakura doesn’t cut off Hiroto’s balls for lying to her about his bitchy girlfriend but at least she confronts him about it (which is more functional and sane than 90% of drama characters who do NOTHING about that sort of thing).


He acknowledges the presence of said girlfriend and promises to sort it out.


And judging by the preview for episode 4, his plan to sort it out is by continuing to sleep with her? Ugh, sex can’t be that good to tolerate her insufferable personality. I really would have liked to see Hiroto question his relationship with his girlfriend on his own, with or without Sakura’s influence, so I could see more of his personality  But it seems like we are still a long way off from anything resembling sincerity when it comes to him and I might be a lot better off ditching my expectations completely as to not feel disappointed with him later on. Let’s just forward to the time when he is completely head over heels for Sakura, can we?



Sakura accepts his explanation with an open-heart, and it’s almost a grown-up, reasonable way of dealing with situations like that, if, AGAIN, it wasn’t wasted on a guy like Hiroto. But then how would she know.





*involuntarily closes eyes in embarrassment*



That seriously, might have been the most awkward attempt at kissing to ever appear on television.


So, what does next episode have to offer us?

More awkward dates


Mr. Dashing Smile and Sakura devouring some sinfully delicious, forbidden bread


Hiroto’s “hardworking boxer briefs” making another graceful appearance. I am tentatively excited.



5 thoughts on “Last Cinderella, episode 3

  1. I am having a love/hate relationship with this. Hiroto is about as attractive as his overworked/stretched BBB rt now: it is still hot. Kinda. I think. But even this no smellovision..stinkyyyyy.
    Either I’m growing to be so freaken strange I can’t stand myself lvl of weird that Harumakun is not pretty enough to make me check it all…which is depressing…or I’m growing out of my shallow and a yummyyoungcatchfictionalcharacter needs more than being yummyyoungfictional. That is disheartening too. Simply I did not find Hiroto attractive fr the get go and he is not growing on me. It is not my scruffyahjusshi bias working hard… the character needs to be better constructed (say a gd con/playboy won’t drop the exact location where he’ll be smooching his b8tchyboo in board daylight for u to catch him red handed and he fazes some more) And I find him awkward in selling the smexy…it is never just what is going on in the outside anyway.

    I failed both hot dudes on on the having any balls dept letting Sakura kneel and bow and apologize to the uglyb. W. T. F. And their reaction afterwards. ARGH. One of them think it is a ‘silly’/ohshelurvesmeandILUBbbHerToooo kinda cute swoon deed…the other doesn’t even fake a care…and he is supposed to be so close to cooing her into his wraps. Be dedicated to ur craft, pretty, I’m embarrassed for u.

    But somehow I sat through the ep still quite entertained despite. The directing and editing is smooth, if I don’t engage my head too much.

    Then a rant on Sakura/S.R. I just have to live with the fact I’m this stubborn thing that rarely falter…she is sooo OTTing the ahjummacute and clueless I kinda need puking. I can roll my eyes at that impossibly klutzy kiss *cometheF!on that is HARUMAKUN’S LUSHHLIPSss it really takes too much flight of fancy leaps of faith deviance of logic time space whatever to miss every yummy bit of the red kissable part and hit teeth and teeth only. Twice! ! ! * *let us all fess up. How many of us have really kiss those pluckers? Not me. But I swear on my HyunBin this will nvr ever happen…even by some apocalypse my lips are entirely gone and I only have teeth…there is still tongue. <-I consider that common sense . <<- and I swear even a common hairy straight ojisan knows what to do with Harumakun's lips* END. RANT.

    First it is the tweezer thing, how can a woman who owns one, does not know how to pluck one single thick hair after at least 20+ yrs of unwanted hair growing? now it is bumping teeth to the freaking mirror practising how to kiss mirror. And she is supposed to be a competent stylist *goodness she let a grandma w clearly no style her do!* I do not trust her with a tweezer and one mirror let alone flying scissors and the complication of water, shampoos, hairdryers linking to live sockets…

    But I still have the hots for scruffy ojisan! I actually think crazy stalker will be better for him…but ohwells the OTP is set in stone.

    • Haha, love deciphering your rants, Mookie. No, I’m totally with you on Hiroto. He is undeniably good-looking and might even have a well of charisma hidden somewhere in his black boxer briefs, but neither the writing nor the actor himself are willing to tap into that potential. His character feels extremely flat at this point. All he does is have sex with bitchyboo with a fake smile, acts extremely fake around Sakura, and ride his bike. I see they are trying, I guess, because they had the scene with him and his parents(?) but it’s not working yet.

      Ah, I was hoping someone would come here and explain to me the genius in Sakura’s characterization as illustrated by her conceding to everyone and lowering herself this much for the sake of what??

      Hiroto is def not playing “the player” part well…I don’t understand how this drama can be genuinely quirky at times (the metaphrases etched on surroundings) and so very ridiculous at others (Sakura’s attempts at kissing and well…everything Sakura). Her profession of a beautician doesn’t make sense at all, and not because beauticians can’t be like that (I’m sure there are some) but because it feels so superfluous to everything else that’s going on in the drama, aside from sticking Rintaro by her side. This is a problem with many a romantic drama – the characters need careers/purposes outside of their love lives but so often that choice is not based on genuine characterization but rather a label…It’s like they are thinking, we had office lady for Hotaru no Hikari, this time we should have someone ‘free-lancier’…None of these people feel like real people though. Just TV characters and tropes.

      And yet…you are right, I keep watching it and you could even say I’m entertained. I think I just miss that quirky, slice-of-life feeling that Jdramas give me. It’s not slice-of-life enough but it’s not at the levels of superficiality that permeates Kdramas nowadays either. It’s somewhere in-between and it’s relaxing too. Omo, please, don’t tell me that the set in stone OTP that you speak of is Sakura and Rintaro…I mean, I know it is, but don’t say it aloud?…

  2. You crack me up! And I love all your screencaps *w*

    “Sakura gazes upon herself in the mirror, clutching at the non-existent fat of her bony sides and decides she must go on a diet.”

    Yeah, I don’t even know why they attempted to pretend that Sakura had to work out and lose weight, she already has a great body. T_______T

    “They are even wearing the same underwear from bed scene to scene.”

    AHAHAHAHA. I never noticed but I will be sure to keep a lookout in the next episode. 😛

    • Wee, thanks!

      I know!! I would kill to have a body like that at 40…especially with my beer drinking habit that almost matches Sakura’s, haha.

      Surely you have noticed Hiroto’s glorious “hardworking black boxer briefs” (my friend came up with the term *giggles*) that he hasn’t taken off once yet?

      • Well I noticed he always wore the same boxers, but I didn’t notice Momo’s underwear. O_O Now that I think about it, maybe they just filmed all those bed scenes all in one day or something.

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