Itazura na Kiss, episode 5

I was grinning throughout the whole duration of this episode. So good.

Things I loved:

1) Naoki being jealous
2) Kin-chan showing some personality for once.
3) Naoki being jealous
4) Naoki…doing things because he is jealous?[2013.04.29_21.44.10]

Girls discuss graduation day, a special date to make last-ditch effort to snog someone senseless, because, you know, as the school legend goes, if you manage to do that you will stay together forever![2013.04.29_16.13.08][2013.04.29_16.13.31][2013.04.29_16.13.40]

Kotoko all afluster with the thought of a “firstu kissu”. So cute, makes me think back on my special, innocent, first kiss…No wait, it doesn’t.[2013.04.29_16.13.55]

Kotoko learns of Kin-chan’s tribulations and goes out to find him. Although it’s not like it’s *that* hard to find him, since he is never anywhere else but moping at the MAX cafe.[2013.04.29_16.14.07]

He doesn’t want to attend the graduation ceremony because he is embarrassed over not getting accepted into college but Kotoko has some sound advice for him:[2013.04.29_16.14.20]

“We might not be smart enough to get into a good colleges or do certain things that others can do, but it’s alright as long as we find what we love to do.”[2013.04.29_16.14.27][2013.04.29_16.14.36][2013.04.29_16.14.43][2013.04.29_16.15.15]

He immediately perks up at her words and says he will work instead of going to school, finding something he is good at and make it big. For her, of course.[2013.04.29_16.15.20]

“Will you love me then?” he asks.[2013.04.29_16.15.36]

Kotoko: “No way in hell…Have you seen anyone leave the friendzone, EVER I mean, friends? ”[2013.04.29_16.15.46]

“That’s fine,” he says. “People can change, isn’t that what Irie said?” Ha, I love that he is using Irie’s words to his advantage.[2013.04.29_16.15.52][2013.04.29_16.16.03]

Kotoko works her magic and Kin-chan decides to attend the Graduation ceremony, so next morning it’s the awkward want-to-be-physical-even-if-we-are-friends hugging time![2013.04.29_16.16.09][2013.04.29_16.16.14]

All the better because obviously Naoki is nearby and watching like a hawk.[2013.04.29_16.16.17][2013.04.29_16.16.26]

They look so good together, I think even I’m feeling jealous and protective.[2013.04.29_16.16.35][2013.04.29_16.16.39][2013.04.29_16.18.12][2013.04.29_16.18.23]

Naoki grudgingly agrees to take pictures with Kotoko on graduation day.[2013.04.29_16.18.28]

And then pulls her closer…[2013.04.29_16.18.31][2013.04.29_16.18.40]

And goes for “you have bread crumbs in your hair” again. Cheeky bastard![2013.04.29_16.18.44]

Kin-chan friends’ horrified expressions upon hearing what Kin-chan is planning to do…No, not the murder of Irie Naoki yet. Just “smooching”.[2013.04.29_16.18.58]

The battle of buttons commences after the graduation ceremony (because giving one means eternal devotion) but Naoki is holding on to his chastity button with all his might, against an onslaught of fangirls.[2013.04.29_22.26.24][2013.04.29_16.19.14]

And gives it to Kotoko. Well, in Kotoko’s head, at least.[2013.04.29_16.19.24]

But hey, when fantasies are this elaborate, I don’t mind being in Kotoko’s head at all.[2013.04.29_16.19.36]

Loved Naoki’s deadpan “no” when asked by Kotoko for a button. My baby is as arrogant as ever. Keep it up! It will be all the more fun to see you brought down to your knees. *evil laugh*[2013.04.29_16.19.46][2013.04.29_16.19.54]

Kin-chan takes care of the preparations for the teacher-appreciation party.[2013.04.29_21.39.38]

Along with a declaration of love for Kotoko via a song.[2013.04.29_21.39.43]

Cute. Really appreciate the effort (I mean, an actual song? with music and lyrics?). But still. Not going to happen.[2013.04.29_21.39.46]

Condescending jerks of class A show up to crash the party.[2013.04.29_21.39.52]

Oh, loving the clash of textures in this scene. Actually it was the first scene where I paused for a second and thought: “this particular set is not bad.” You can imagine what I think about the set and the camera work in general, at all other times.[2013.04.29_21.40.12]

Kotoko tells Kin-chan to ignore the A jerks and enjoy the party anyway.[2013.04.29_21.40.18]

This is when I started feeling almost as much affection for this Kin-chan as I did for Jiro Wang in ISWAK. I think that on some levels, their dynamics are really great as well – a hot-headed troublemaker with a soft spot for an adorable, plucky girl. I would kill for a drama with that OTP *nod*

“You have seaweed again, Kotoko” Is she swooning? I AM.[2013.04.29_21.40.25]

Ah, trust Naoki to show up whenever something inappropriate is happening.[2013.04.29_21.40.31]

I love Kin-chan I really do but he is so dim! Doesn’t he realize that egging on his rival with proclamations like “I’m going to kiss her tonight” will not help his cause at all?[2013.04.29_21.40.33]

“I made a promise with Kotoko! While you will be slacking off in college, I will work and be able to do something big for Kotoko.”
“It would sound cool from someone who could go to college. But from someone who couldn’t get accepted…It just sounds like sour grapes.”

Naoki has a point…[2013.04.29_21.40.37]

It wouldn’t be Itazura na Kiss if there weren’t any scenes with food[2013.04.29_21.40.56]

Back to the party — some random girl accuses Kotoko of luring Naoki away from Todai.[2013.04.29_21.41.07]

But everyone, including the teacher of Class A jerks, agrees that’s impossible. How can a girl like her influence any of Naoki’s decisions?[2013.04.29_21.41.18]

Naoki confirms and proceeds to further humiliate Kotoko on the grounds of her dedicated crush on him.[2013.04.29_21.41.22][2013.04.29_21.41.40]

But she won’t stand for it and humiliates him back.[2013.04.29_21.41.46]

Love her so much.[2013.04.29_21.41.52][2013.04.29_21.42.02]

Kin-chan’s love song falls on absent ears, as Kotoko is swiftly dragged away by Naoki to a scene that we all been waiting since the inception of this whole drama.[2013.04.29_21.42.05][2013.04.29_21.43.13]

As he pushed her against the railing, it rattled so hard, I can’t imagine how that could be safe.[2013.04.29_21.43.21][2013.04.29_21.43.24]

But then again, Kotoko has a more dangerous force to contend with – Naoki’s anger and jealously.[2013.04.29_21.42.13][2013.04.29_21.42.23]

“I will quit loving you. I will move on once I’m in college.”[2013.04.29_21.42.40]

“Oh, will you?” asks Naoki.[2013.04.29_21.43.38][2013.04.29_21.43.44]

Ahaha, he enjoyed the hell out of that.[2013.04.29_21.43.50][2013.04.29_21.44.16][2013.04.29_21.44.05]

Kotoko is ethereally beautiful here.

This was a very nice, swoon-worthy episode and I’m just so happy the penultimate kissing scene wasn’t butchered in this version. Yuki played it perfectly to be honest – so infuriatingly arrogant seconds before as he made fun of Kotoko’s feelings in front of everyone and so obviously shaken by Kotoko slowly drifting away from him. The transition back to his flirty, insolent attitude after the kiss was incredibly satisfying (am I too conditioned with this drama?) despite me knowing full well how selfish his actions are. Classic shoujo conundrum – “I hate him, but I love him for it too”. I’m just happy it’s executed so well.. I’m also extremely happy we got to see more of Kin-chan in this episode and his dedication for Kotoko, because honestly, his character felt abandoned to me, not even to the point where he could hold handles, or anything, to Jiro Wang. I’m an unabashed Jiro Wang fangirl, even if I don’t think his type of charisma is good for leading roles, but he got the second lead part down so well, I was absolutely smitten with him in ISWAK. But — I could see that it wasn’t only Jiro’s charisma that carried Ah Jin’s character, there is something about him in the original story as well…What can I say, I love the “delinquent reformed by a good girl” trope, even if that’s not exactly what’s going on in InK.


4 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss, episode 5

  1. This is my favorite first kiss .. awwww so sweet 🙂 .. well , some peope said this kiss look too normal ( maybe they hope for warm or passionate kiss ) ! I prefer this kiss , so sweet & looks high school kiss , more important this is first kiss anyway ,, well it’s not abou miki age or age gap I think , its japan drama kiss..
    Love the way naoki jealous acting , so calm & subtle ( don’t know what’s on his mind ).. so far this is still my favorite remake.. love naoki & kotoo as always , but it supricing I love kin-chan too .. its hard too choice , maybe its okay if kotoko go for kin-chan.. well , naoki is our prince , but sometimes he like a jerk esp when matsumoto appear , althought he only love kotoko.. next ep poor kotoko, matsumoto pretty but I think kotoko more pretties , I’m still on kotoko’s side no matter what..

    • I’m not surprised at all that this wasn’t as passionate as we might have wished for…And I think by jdrama standards that was one steamy kiss! XD

      I’m not looking forward to Matsumoto…Or looking forward to hating her? And you are so right, in this version Kotoko is leagues more attractive than Matsumoto.

  2. *sigh* I also loved Jiro in ISWAK. I am warming up to Kin in this episode but he is not on the level of my love for Jiro yet!


    • Kin definitely doesn’t have the turbulent charisma and craziness of Jiro but he is pretty damn adorable when he is trying to seduce Kotoko.

      Naoki’s smirk was perfection *_* I do think he doesn’t quite match up to Zhi Shu in arrogance and whatnot, BUT this Naoki could be pretty condescending too and then instantly flirty the next moment which totally works for this drama.

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