Itazura Na Kiss~Love in Tokyo, episode 4

“Without saying a word, it’s so obvious what she is wishing for.”

No, not really. Is it hot make-outs with Naoki?[2013.04.22_19.12.45]

Since last week’s episode, we went from wonderful Tokyo summer to Naoki-sporting-a-hideous-coat winter. But at least Kotoko is adorable as ever.[2013.04.22_19.11.45][2013.04.22_19.12.02]

Very important scene in which absolutely nothing happens except that we get to ogle cute Japanese girls in kimonos (will be doing more of that myself with Sakura Matsuri!)[2013.04.22_19.12.21][2013.04.22_19.12.38]

Well, to be honest, there are only two types of scenes in Itazura Na Kiss~Love in Tokyo, delicious interactions between Naoki and Kotoko and Aihara-Irie family consuming all sorts of delicious food.[2013.04.22_19.12.59]

Kotoko makes a very lucky charm for Naoki’s national exams or whatnot, and he muses over her excitement of going to college since she doesn’t even know what she wants to do.[2013.04.22_19.13.47]

But she tells him that’s why you go to college! To find out.[2013.04.22_19.13.54]

“You are amazing…You put your whole self into things, yet you still can’t do it” – um, we will just take that as a compliment?[2013.04.22_19.14.22][2013.04.22_19.14.35]

These lavish breakfasts are literally driving me insane. Especially toast! PLEASE, PUT AWAY THE TOAST. *is in a slimming down mode and craving toast. and scones. MMM, BLUEBERRY JAM*[2013.04.22_19.14.47]

Kotoko’s lucky charm almost gets Naoki killed, but that’s alright because he is a genius and he can deal.[2013.04.22_19.20.49][2013.04.22_19.15.49]

This production has some of the shabbiest camerawork I’ve seen though (and I’ve watched tv shows from 90s Russia). Faces are noticeably out of focus about 80% of the time and my attention keeps wondering to random places in hopes of finding a focused object.[2013.04.22_19.16.06]

Wee, I was afraid they might forgo the grandeur of my favorite scene from ISWAK with Zhi Shu rushing Xiang Qin to the hospital despite his exam but it was still awesome here.[2013.04.22_19.16.44][2013.04.22_19.16.56]

Is it me or is she slipping from his hands? Naoki, you are one person who can use more toast.[2013.04.22_19.17.06][2013.04.22_19.17.10]

And then brings her back when she decides she’s been too much trouble for him.[2013.04.22_19.17.30][2013.04.22_19.17.35]

“It’s alright…I like trouble”, he tells her.[2013.04.22_19.17.40][2013.04.22_19.17.48]

“Then I will make your life very exciting,” she assures him.[2013.04.22_19.17.58]

Naoki: “Also, btw, I’m going to the same college as you”
Kotoko: “FOR ME?”
Naoki: “No way, why would I do that? *coughcough* I just want to find out what to do. You know, in the same college where you will be finding out what to do…It’s that type of college, isn’t it?”[2013.04.22_19.18.20]

Haha, he was totally expecting chocolate on Valentine’s from her.[2013.04.22_19.18.35][2013.04.22_19.18.30]

He loves it, I can see it in his face.[2013.04.22_19.18.42][2013.04.22_19.18.51][2013.04.22_19.19.18][2013.04.22_19.19.22][2013.04.22_19.19.25]

Overall, this was a slower episode of the series thus far but I still enjoyed and I’m so ridiculously excited for the next one because doesn’t seem like there will be too much toast and there is jealous!Naoki. Nothing beats jealous!Naoki.  Have a preview!


5 thoughts on “Itazura Na Kiss~Love in Tokyo, episode 4

  1. On one hand I love the spiffy pace *read the manga, watched all adapts of InK (rem the 96′ dorama one?!)* devouring each upcoming scene like munching on my fav chips nonstop, OTOH, I think the OTP has a much easier (but less explosive) chemistry that takes time to cook up, with which the lazier pace of ISWAK will do this a lot of favors. While the less cartoonish, purposefully fugged up Kotoko is not present here to my relief…I want an even colder impossible out there Naoki for contrast just to make the inevitable yummy bits so much more slaying and worthy. As of now, the Kotoko is normalized (which I like), but she also seems less fanatically pining for her!Irie. What I love about Ariel’s XQ is how it’s impossible to ignore even for the living in his own bubble ZhiShu to ignore from the get-go, where here I honestly don’t see other than the trope of forced shoujo proximity, why Naoki has taken such a grand interest in Kotoko, esp when the Naoki here seems quite normally aloof instead of socially quite awkward as with Joe’s ZS.

    Just a bit of give or take with the adapts. ISWAK will always hold a very dear softspot in my heart forever flaws and all, this maybe a better adapt in terms of script thus far, and I’m enjoying it, but it will take an OTP chemistry miracle for it to even hold a candle to ArJoe

    • (rem the 96′ dorama one?!)*

      If by remember you are asking if I’ve seen it or ever wanted to watch it, then no 🙂 Everyone looks slightly horrifying there. I think I attempted anime at some point, but got sidetracked.

      I agree on lazy pacing in ISWAK keeping the tension high and also the contrast of arrogant ZS and hilariously incompetent XQ making the payoff of them finally getting together that much better. And I also feel like Kotoko is winning Naoki’s affections way too easily and while that is taking away from the charm that made me love ISWAK initially, like you a said, it’s still shoujo trope heaven even if the said trope is more of cohabitation and popular guy falling for an average girl, rather than a silly girl pinning away after a Godly guy who has absolutely no interest in girls, much less someone like her.

      It’s pretty clear Naoki has taken in interest in her, and that she is affecting him already (ZS was so much more ambivalent about his feelings and affection even though you could logically deduce from his actions that he cared for her. Hell, he was an insufferable ass even after they married) but I also get the sense that Naoki’s show of affection or even flirtations thus far have been more of toying with her just because he can and it sort of gets him off that she has such a giant crush on him.

      I kind of like that Kotoko is not insanely obsessed with him in this version. That was one thing that bothered me about ISWAK, no matter how much I tried to isolate the whole thing from reality. But there is still the section with them going to college and Naoki pairing up with the pretty science girl so I think there are yet chances to see Kotoko’s dedication put to a test.

      • Well said. InK is not my fav shoujo manga and Kotoko is the most typical shoujo heroine. It took me several tries, a lot of swearing to get over the first part of ISWAK because I was turned off disgusted by the OTT and the ridiculous pining for an impossible guy and it is hard to turn off the judging when it’s a drama adapt even though we know darn well it’s shoujolalaland. But there is so much heart under it all and that eventually gets me.

        On one hand, I do appreciate this normal development of their romance with the sprinkling of our usual squeeworthy shoujo tropes, but OTOH, this is shoujo, ie feeding me all that silly cotton candy impossible fluff to the max. This is a minor griping but it would be perfect if I can have this more normalized Kotoko, but a way more out there Naoki. I don’t see him toying much with her just coz he can, he’s ‘suffering’ the omen of her adoration as is in 4.

  2. Its obviously he like her .. this naoki is the best naoki I think.. this remake make this drama more realistic I guess . Hardly accept if popular genius guy fall for average girl which stupid & can’t do anything right ? I love the manga so much , but I hate all kotoko in all adaptations .. so far this kotoko is my favorite kotoko , and this naoki I love him so much ! He is cool but not cold , maybe just don’t know to expressing his felling until he meet kotoko..

    • Yup, I agree, this maybe yet be the best Kotoko. Naoki is iffier, I love the actor to death already (super attractive!) but seems like they will take his character in a different direction from manga.

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