That Winter, The Wind Blows episode 1-3

This drama is boss. I don’t even know where to begin.

I could try by comparing it to Nice Guy. Beautiful cinematography, a cast of ethereally good-looking actors, and even the same over-wrought music at every turn. But I’m loving That Winter, The Wind Blows about 55 times more simply because it’s also hitting all my kinks – faux-incest, disability, conning and betrayal (I only wish Nice Guy did something with betrayal, but it was too good for its own sake). Ironically, TWTB feels more innocent than Nice Guy. At least the characters are more clearly defined and sympathetic (although not any less compelling). Yes, mind games abound in this one too, but the characters themselves don’t get lost in the pits of ambiguity and incomprehension. Unlike Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki, who carried most of the drama through their acting, Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung are buoyed by the deft and commanding writing. Color me impressed with Noh Hee Kuyng and what she is doing with such an impressively contrived plot. But it works, right? It’s not just my desire to see them skirt that line between family/love, trust/betrayal, all the while calling each other “donsaeng” and “oppa”? It’s not just me reveling in Jo In Sung’s chilling delivery of lines accompanied by playful smirks and hollow chuckles? He is so good. And also freakishly tall.

Song Hye Kyo is doing great too, and I actually feel something for the heroine. I don’t remember the last time that happened but it actually hurts watching her suffer and break down, and then collect the pieces of herself back again and keep going. It’s like that Placebo song:

Hold your breath and count to ten,
And fall apart and start again,
Hold your breath and count to ten,
Start again, start again…
Hold your breath and count your step,
And fall apart and start again,
Start again…

Also, I’m just satisfied with having side characters who I don’t want to strangle or whose scenes I’m willing to watch without fast-forwarding. In grand scheme of Boys Over Flower things, Kim Bum always seemed to me as significant as a spec of dust on Lee Min Ho’s coat but I’m happy his good looks are working out for him. I really should watch Padam Padam, because his macho-delinquent mannerisms are doing weird things to me here and I need more.

Yup, the ultimate bromance shot from ep 1 is when I realized I will love this drama.



The fashion in this drama is rocking. Or it’s just Jo In Sung rocking everything teal and burgundy, including Einstein’s suspenders.


You know the OTP is going to be awesome if they are pressed up against the wall on their first meeting.


But then it happens between him and Kim Bum a lot too and it’s not like it’s any less erotic.





Sorry, I just love these two.





Oh right, Shi Won! She lost the Busan accent but not her spunk.




Did I mention beautiful cinematography and gorgeous people? Because, LOOK AT THAT.


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